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Guide for manufacturing charcoal

Bob Patrick sent this in a while back, along with saying it was noteworthy and should be shared.  So here is the share! While the scale of this article is pretty large, the theory is sound and scales down if needed.  Just think…  almost no clinkers.. WOW!       …

Leaf Bottle Opener

This project is takes the standard demonstration leaf, and incorporates it into a handy bottle opener, adding function to the form. Don’t we all have enough keychains?

No-Weld Bending Fork

One challenge with getting started in blacksmithing is making the tools you need.  You can make most of your own tools, but in order to make many of them, you first have to have other tools.  This project makes a bending fork hardy tool with almost no tools. Download PDF

Heat Treating

One-Page heat treating chart (PDF Format) I’m the type of person that needs to really understand something in order to work with it. I don’t like “black boxes.” When I first started blacksmithing, I had a very difficult time tempering metal – mainly because I didn’t have a clue what …

Iron Steel Temperature Chart

This IRON-STEEL TEMP CHART is not exactly a work of art, but it does bring together a wealth of information. Incandescent (glowing) and Iridescent (reflecting) heat colors and what they are good for, magnetic structures and temperatures, critical temperatures of carbon steel, and the various atomic structures of iron. All …