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The following list is an alphabetical index of articles and projects found in the archived issues of THE VOICE, the newsletter of the Blacksmith Organization of Arkansas (BOA)

50 Dollar Knife Shop (book review)


ABANA 2014 Coffee Mill
ABANA 2014 Iron Smelt
ABANA Chapter Ring – Francis Whitaker Tribute
ABANA Conference 2014 – report (Dawn Mulkern)
ABANA Conference 2014 – travelogue (Dawn Mulkern)
Acanthus Leaf Scroll (project)
Alchemy – Association with converting ores into metals
Animal head by Tom Latane (project)
Animal head, Horse (project)
Animals – Blue Heron Plant Stake (project)
Animals – Buffalo head from railroad spike (project)
Animals – Moose wall hook (project)
Anthracite Coal (vs Bituminous)
Anvil – Buying
Anvil – On the AME church coat of arms
Anvil – Rust
Anvil – Shooting
Anvil – Used as a musical Instrument
Anvil – Which way the horn should face
Anvil Bridge, Tom Latane
Anvil Forensics – Determining the history of an anvil
Anvil Ring – Hearing Damage
Anvil Stand – Tim Huddleston (member showcase)
Archeaology – Old Washington, Arkansas
Axe – Lewis and Clark war axe (project)
Axe, Farrier’s


Ballerina scupture (project)
Bamboo (project)
Bearing, weather vane (project
Bell (project)
Bible – 14th century illustrations showing female smiths
Biblical Blacksmiths (Traditions)
Bicycle, Blacksmith’s
Bird – Blue Heron Plant Stake (project)
Bird – Homing ability due to magetite crystals in brain
Bituminous Coal (vs Anthracite)
Black, James (Traditions Famous Smiths Series)
Blacksmith Duel
Blacksmith Pie
Blacksmith related family names
Blacksmith shop, roll away (project)
Blacksmither Radio
Blacksmiths – Where did they go?
Blacksmiths of myth and legend
Blacksmith’s Shops and Bread Ovens
BOA Service Award 2016 – Jim Soehlman
Boblical Blacksmiths (Persian Flag)
Book Review – $50 Knife Shop (Wayne Goddard)
Book Review – A Blacksmith’s Craft (Francis Whitaker)
Book Review – Backyard Blacksmith, The
Book Review – Bowie Knife (Raymond Thorpe)
Book Review – Cyril Colnik, Man of Iron (Alan J. Strekow)
Boots – Safety First
Bowie knife – James Black (Traditions Famous Smiths Series)
Bowie Knife – Raymond Thorpe (Book Review)
Bowie knife, pronunciation
Bread Ovens and Blacksmith’s Shops
Brim, Elizabeth – Blacksmith
Buffalo head from railroad spike (project)
Burn Treatment
Burns – Black Heat


Candle Holder, Colonial Williamsburg (project)
Candlestick holder – leaf (project)
Candy – Carbon Dulce coal candy recipe
Candy Canes (project)
Carbon Monoxide – Safety First
Casey, Daniel – Interview
Channel – decorative (Project)
Charcoal – Forging techniques different than coal (Bob Patrick)
Charcoal – More tips for forging with (Bob Patrick)
Charcoal forge history (Bob Patrick)
Charcoal Making
Charcoal vs Coal
Chest Latch (project)
Christmas – Origin of Coal in the Stockings
Christmas Ornaments – inflated steel
Christmas Ornaments – made from horseshoe nails
Christmas project – bow hanger
Christmas project – Candy Canes
Christmas Project – Ornament Hanger
Christmas project – Reindeer Shoe
Church – Anvil on the AME church coat of arms
Clamp for post vise (project)
Classes, Blacksmithing – Bob Patrick
Classes, Bladesmithing – Daniel Casey
Classes, Gunsmithing – Daniel Casey
Clay – Planning/practicing forging technique
Clock Springs – Time for better steel
Clothing – natural vs synthetic fibers
Coal – Anthracite vs. Bituminous
Coal – Arkansas locations
Coal – Carbon Dulce coal candy recipe
Coal – Origin of Christmas Coal in Stockings
Coal – poem – Our Coalmeister Cometh (Robert Meuser)
Coal – trip to Vinita OK Coal Yards (Cheryl Miskell)
Coal Mining in Arkansas
Coal scoop (project)
Coal vs Charcoal
cold shut or shunt?
Colnik, Cyril – Bob Patrick Remembers
Colnik, Cyril – book review: Men of Iron
Colnik, Cyril (Traditions Famous Blacksmith series)
Colonial Williamsburg Candle Holder (project)
Cookbook – Francis Whitaker’s Blacksmith’s Cookbook: Recipes in Iron
Cooking – Bread Ovens and Blacksmiths
Cope-cutting templates
Cow Pie theory of blacksmithing (Ron Wells)
Cpper Patina (project
Crucible Steel


Damascus vs Pattern Welded Steel
Dead as a doornail – origin of phrase
Deere, John (Famous Smiths Series)
Demonstrating – Safety First
Demonstrating around children and pets
Dog – finding iron ore by smell
Dogwood Flower (project)
Dogwood Flower (project)
door knocker – Rose (project)
Door Knocker from RR spike
Door Stop (project)
Drill – size chart
Dueling Blacksmith
Dust, Safety First


Eiffel Tower – Made from “puddle iron”
Eisenberg, Carley
Eisenhower – Name derived from craft
Elbow Holler Forge – Flippen Shool Visit
Enlow Harold – Harrison Daily article
ESSA 2015 Gate Project


Farrier – Origin of word
Farrier (Bob Patric article)
Farrier, horseshoer, shoeing mith definitions
Farriers (Traditions Article)
Farrier’s Axe
Faulkner County Museum 2014 Open House
Female Smiths
File Knife (project)
Film – 1st staged scene with actors, “Blacksmith Scene”
Fire Starter – Colonial Williamsburg (project)
Fireplace Shovel (project)
Fireplace Stand (project)
Firepot (Bop Patrick crackproof)
Firepot jig (project)
Flint Striker (project)
Flower, Dogwood (project)
Flower, petal patterns
Forge – Motorcycle-mounted portable
Forge, charcoal (Bob Patrick)
Fork, meat (project)
Fork, meat (project)
Furnace – Electric Arc
Furnace design


Gas Tanks – hauling
Gas Tanks – Safety First
Gate Project, Essa 2015
Geersten, Lisa
Girsl Scouts – founded by a blacksmith
Gloves or No Gloves – Safety First
Gordon-Low, Julliette
Gretna Green – Blacksmiths performing marriages
Grinder Safety – Fire
Grinder Safety – guard
Gun – spoon for pouring bullets (project)
Gunsmithing – Interview with Daniel Casey, Gunsmith
Gunsmithing – Lock, Stock, and Barrell


Hammer – incorrect swing causes elbow and wrist damage
Hammer making – Nathan Robertson 2014 class
Hammer Physics
Hammer, texturing (project)
Hammers, ornate
Hardenability (Metallurgy article)
Hardy Tool – No-Weld Bending Fork (project)
Hardy Tool, bick made from a pick (project)
Harrison Harvest Homecoming 2014
Hearing Damage from Anvil Ring
Hearing Protection
hinge, butterfly (project)
Historic Arkansas Museum
Hook for a clay pot (project)
Hook, coat – Francis Whitaker (project)
Hook, Cup or pot (project)
hook, Horseshoe Mule Hook (project)
Hook, leaf (project)
hook, moose (project)
Hoover, President Herbert
Horse head (project)
Horsehoe Hoof Pick (Project)
Horseshoe – origin of good luck legend – St Dunstan
Horseshoe – proper way to hang
Horseshoe Boot Hooks (Project)
Horseshoe boot scraper (project)
Horseshoe Folding Knife (project)
Horseshoe Love Letters (project)
Horseshoe Mule Hook (project)


Interview – Bob Patrick
Interview – Daniel Casey
Interview – Stephen McGehee
Interview – Tom Upton
Interview – Victoria Patti
Iron – Eiffel Tower made from “Puddle Iron”
Iron – How it is like candy
Iron – Made inside stars
Iron – Origin of atomic Symbol Fe
Iron – value
Iron – Wrought iron easier to work than modern steel
Iron ore – dog finds ore by smell
Iron ore – geological formation
Iron ore – Location of Arkansas formations
Iron Ore – process involved in make iron from ore
Iron Ore – prospecting trip to Magnet Cove
Iron Ore Roast – 2014
Iron ore smelt (2015) burn data
Iron Reduction – Metallurgy column
Iron smelt – ABANA 2014
Iron vs Gold – Iron once thought more valuable


Jack Smith Award 2014 – Dale Custer
Jack Smith Award 2016 – Jim Soehlman
Jacob Wells – Obituary
Jefferson, Thomas – nail maker
Jefferson, Thomas – nail maker


Knife – Chinese Clasp (project)
Knife – From File (project)
Knife – Simple folding (project)
Knife – Small demonstration (project)
Knife – Survival
Knife – Thumb groove
Knife guard, handle and pommel demonstration (Mark Morrow)
Knife, Bowie – James Black (Traditions Famous Smiths Series)
Knife, Folding (project)
Knife, Rambo (Jimmy Lile, Arkansas Bladesmith)
Knott, Rebecca


Ladle (project)
Latane, Tom – animal head (project)
Latane, Tom – Anvil bridge (project)
Latane, Tom – POMM
Latane, Tom (Famouse Smiths Series)
Latch for chest (project)
Lawn Ornament – Blue Heron Plant Stake (project)
Leaf candlestick holder (project)
Leaf napkin ring (project)
Lewis and Clark war axe (project)
Lile, Jimmy – Rambo Knife
Lock, Stock, and Barrell – Gunsmithing
Longfellow, Henry Wadsworth – Village Blacksmith


Magnet Cove – Iron ore prospecting
Mark Morrow – swordsmith demonstrates bowie guard, handle and pommel
Mark Morrow – Swordsmith demonstrates cutlass
Marriage – Gretna Green blacksmiths
Masamune, Master swordsmith
McClarty, Heather
McGeHee, Stephen (interview)
Medical – elbow and wrist damage
Medicine – Blacksmith-made brace
Medicine – Metal Fume Fever
Medicine – slack tub water used to treat poison ivy
Melting Point of various metals
Metal Fume Fever
Metallurgy – Advancement’s Extra Step
Metallurgy – Electric Arc Furnace
Metallurgy – Engineered Steel
Metallurgy – Hardenability
Metallurgy – Introduction to the column
Metallurgy – Iron Reduction
Metallurgy – Jominy
Metallurgy – Modern Ore Processing
Metallurgy – Modern Ore Processing
Metallurgy – Rolling
Metallurgy – Science of Solidification
Metallurgy – Science of Solidification, part I
Metallurgy – Science of Solidification, part II
Metallurgy – Testing
Meteorite, Hoba
Meteorites – used as iron ore
Moose wall hook (project)
Mount Judea – 2014 Heritage Days (Ron Wells)
Museum – Faulkner County Museum 2014 Open House
Museum – Historic Arkansas Museum
Music – Anvils used as a musiccal instrument
Mythbusters Does Anvils


Nail – Carbon content of concrete nails
Nail – Christmas ornaments made from horseshoe nails
Nail – Making (project)
Nail – Medieval spoon made from a horseshoe nail
Nail – Origin of ‘Dead as a doornail’
Nail – Origin of the word ‘Nail’
Nail – Pre-bent Brazil mule nails
Nail – Size matters
Nail – standard nail diameters – table
Nail – Thomas Jeffersion, nail maker
Nail – Thomas Jefferson
Nail header (project)
Name – Smith related family names
Name – Smith related family names (correction)
Nathan Robertson Hammer Class 2014


Ore Smelt (2015) Burn Data


Patrick, Bob – Do You Shoe Horses?
Patrick, Bob – Interview
Patrick, Bob – on Cyril Colnik
Pattern welded vs Damascus Steel
Phone – BOA Website Goes Mobile
Phrases, origin of
Pipe diameter – reducing/enlarging (Bob Patrick)
Pipe Tomahawk
Poetry – Anvil Memours (Robert Meuser)
Poetry – Our Coalmeister Cometh (Robert Meuser)
Poetry – Village Blacksmith (Henry Wadsworth Longfellow)
Poetry – Women Smiths
Poison Ivy – treated with slack tub water
POMM Coffee Mill
Post vise clamp (project)
Post vise repair (Tim Huddleston)
Pot Rack , cups (project)
Project – A Yellinesque Quatrefoil
Project – Acanthus Leaf Scroll
Project – Adjustable Tong Clips
Project – Animal – Buffalo head from railroad spike
Project – Animal head (Tom Latane)
Project – Anvil Bridge, Tom Latane
Project – Axe – lewis and Clark war axe
Project – Balancing Toy
Project – Ballerina sculpture
Project – Bamboo
Project – Bell
Project – Blown Christmas Ornaments
Project – Blue Heron Plant Stake
Project – Bow Hanger
Project – butterfly hinge
Project – Candle Chandelier (Ross Wilkinson)
Project – Candle Holder, Colonial Williamsburg
Project – Candy Canes
Project – Chest Latch
Project – Chop Saw Twist
Project – Coal Scoop
Project – Copper patina
Project – Cup or Pot Hook
Project – Decorative Channel
Project – Dogwood Flower
Project – Dogwood Flower
Project – Door stop
Project – Fire Starter, Colonial Williamsburg
Project – Fireplace Shovel
Project – Fireplace Stand
Project – Firepot (Bob Patrick)
Project – Firepot jig
Project – Flint Striker
Project – Folding Lead Spoon
Project – Fork (Meat)
Project – Hardy Bending Fork (no weld)
Project – Hardy Hole Punch
Project – Hardy Tool, Bick made from a pick
Project – Hook Ruler
Project – Hook, Coat (Francis Whitaker)
Project – Hook, leaf
Project – Horse head
Project – Horseshoe Boot Hooks
Project – horseshoe boot scraper
Project – Horseshoe Folding Knife
Project – Horseshoe Hoof Pick
Project – Horseshoe Love Letters
Project – Horseshoe Mule Hook
Project – Horseshoe Rasp Snake
Project – Knife from File
Project – Knife, Chinese clasp
Project – Knife, simple
Project – Knife, small demonstration
Project – Ladle
Project – leaf candlestick holder
Project – Leaf napkin ring
Project – Letter Opener (simple)
Project – Making nails
Project – Meat fork
Project – moose hook
Project – Nail header
Project – Ornament Hanger
Project – Plant hook
Project – Post vise clamp
Project – Pot Rack (cups)
Project – Railroad spike buffalo head
Project – Reindeer Shoe
Project – Rivet backer (lead)
Project – Rivet Cutter
Project – Riveting Technique (Bob Patrick)
Project – Roll-away Blacksmith Shop (Rob Meuser)
Project – Rose door knocker
Project – RR spike door knocker
Project – RR spike dragonfly
Project – RR Spike Tomahawk
Project – Scrolling Wrench
Project – splitter (adjustable)
Project – Spoon or Ladle (Robert Fox)
Project – Spoon, 18th century tasting
Project – Spring Swage for Making Decorative Rope
Project – Texturing spring Swage
Project – Texturing tool
Project – Tomahawk
Project – Tong Clips
Project – Tongs – three point
Project – Tongs from flat bar
Project – Towel Rack
Project – traveler
Project – Trivet, three leaf
Project – twist, rebar
Project – twist, structural
Project – Vise Spacer
Project – Wall hook for a clay pot
Project – weather vane bearing
Project – Weld-less Bending Fork
Project – Wine cork trivet
Project, swage – Bob Patrick’s hardy version
Punch – hardy hole (project)
Punches and drifts – cooling between use


Quatrefoil, Yellinesque – Francis Whitaker (project)


Railroad spike – manufacture
Railroad Spike buffalo head (project)
Railroad Spike door knocker (project)
Railroad Spike Dragonfly (project)
Railroad spike tomahawk (project)
Rambo knife – Jimmy Lile, Arkansas Bladesmith
Rebar twist (project)
Rivet – tip for keeping rivet from turning.
Rivet – Where to buy online
Rivet backer – lead(project)
Rivet cutter (project)
Riveting Technique (Bob Patrick)
Roman Legionaire (Lee Burks)
Ron Wells knives
Rope, Spring Swage for Making (Project)
Rose door knocker (project)
Ruler – Hook (project)
Rust – Condensation on tools


Safety First – Black Heat
Safety First – Breaking Bad (Metal)
Safety First – Burn treatment
Safety First – Carbon Monoxide
Safety First – Demonstrating
Safety First – Demonstrating around children and pets
Safety First – Dust
Safety First – Elbow and wrist damage
Safety First – Fire
Safety First – Footwear
Safety First – Gas Tanks
Safety First – Gloves or No Gloves
Safety First – Hearing Protecion
Safety First – Metal Fume Fever
Safety First – More Grinder Safety
Safety First – Natural vs synthetic fiber clothing
Safety First – Quenching in Oil
Safety First – Safety glasses
Safety First – Safety glasses revisited
Safety First – Shop Floor
Safety First – Tetanus
Safety First – the great glove controversy
Safety First – Wrist Injury
Safety glasses
Safety glasses revisited
Saint Dunstan – origin of horseshoe good luck
Scale – preventing with soap (Bob Patrick)
Scale preventing compound, comercial
Scrolling wrench (project)
Service Award 2016 – Jim Soehlman
Sharpening (Ron Wells)
Sheffield, England – Bowie Knives
Shooting Anvils
Shopping – Antique Mall in Leslie, Arkansas
Shovel for fireplace (project)
shut or shunt?
Simon, Bex
Smelt – 2015 burn data
Smithin Magician (smoosh-o-matic version)
Smithy – a building, not a person
Snake from Horseshoe Rasp (project)
Splitter – adjustable (project)
Spoon – folding lead spoon (project)
Spoon or Ladle – Robert Fox (project)
Spoon, 18th century tasting (project)
Spoon, Medieval (from horseshoe nail)
Spoon, Medieval tasting spoon
Spring Swage for Making Decorative Rope (Project)
Steel – Damascus, Pattern Welded, Crucible
Steel as strong as titanium
Swage, Bob Patrick’s hardy version
Swage, Texturing (project)
Sword – Mark Morrow cutlass demonstration
Sword – Roman Gladius
Swordsmith – Masamune


Table, Platen/Welding
Tap and die – chart for taping drill sizes
Temperature Chart
Tempering (Traditions article)
Tetanus (Safety First)
Texturing Spring Swage (project)
Texturing tool (project)
Thomas Googerty – Traditions
Tomahawk – pipe
Tomahawk (project)
Tong Clips (project)
Tongs – Bob Patrick (member showcase)
Tongs – compound
Tongs – compound (Bob Patrick)
Tongs – made from flat bar (project)
Tongs – Parallel
Tongs – three point (project)
Tongs, adjustable
Towel Rack (project)
Toy, balancing (project)
Traditions – Apprenticeships
Traditions – Arkansas Coal
Traditions – Biblical Blacksmiths
Traditions – Bladesmiths (Specialty Smiths Series)
Traditions – Coal vs Charcoal
Traditions – Cyril Colnik (Famous Smiths Series)
Traditions – Farriers (Specialty Smiths Series)
Traditions – Female Smiths
Traditions – Francis Whitaker (Famous Smiths Series)
Traditions – From Ore to Iron
Traditions – Gretna Green Blacksmith Marriages
Traditions – Iron ore locations in Arkansas
Traditions – James Black (Famous Smiths Series))
Traditions – John Deere (Famous Smiths Series)
Traditions – King Henry V saved by a blacksmith
Traditions – Legendary Blacksmiths
Traditions – Making Charcoal
Traditions – Nailmaking
Traditions – Ore smelting furnace design
Traditions – Samuel Yellin (Famous Smiths Series)
Traditions – Tempering Steel
Traditions – Thoomas Googerty
Traditions – Tom Latane (Famous Smiths Series)
Traditions – Where Did All the Blacksmiths Go?
Traveler (project)
Treasurer Report – 2014
Trivet – Three leaf (project)
Trivet – Wine cork (project)
Twist – Chop Saw Twist (project)
Twist – structural (project)
Twist, rebar (project)


Upton, Tom (interview)


Victoria Patti, Interview
Viking blacksmith burial
Vise – Pin vise
Vise Spacer (project)


Weather Vane bearing (Project)
Welding cylinder safety
Wells, Ron – Knives
Whitaker, Francis – A Blacksmith’s Craft (book review)
Whitaker, Francis – Blacksmith’s Cookbook: Recipes in Iron
Whitaker, Francis – Bob Patrick remembers
Whitaker, Francis – Coat hook (project)
Whitaker, Francis – personal corespondance with Bob Patrick
Whitaker, Francis – Yellinesque Quatrefoil (project)
Whitaker, Francis (Traditions Famous Smiths series)
Whitaker, Francis (video Interview)
Wrist Injury (Safety First)
Wrought Iron – Easier to work than modern steel



Yellin Studio – Bob Patrick memoirs
Yellin, Samuel (Traditions Famous Smiths Series)
Yellinesqu Quatrefoil – Francis Whitaker (project)



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