February 2016 River Valley Chapter Meeting

The February meeting was held at my shop in Greenwood. I believe we had the largest crowd since our beginning last year.

A great memory for me happened when a first time visitor hand forged his first project ever. He and his grandfather were the first ones to arrive.

I was starting the fire in one of the forges, and I asked him if he wanted to pound some steel. He was a little apprehensive, so I grabbed a railroad spike and said, “Here ya go make yourself a knife”. I briefly got him started and by the end of the meeting he had made his first knife.

It turned out great, and He was very proud. I’ll never forget that, as it displays just one reason I’m proud to be apart of the River Valley BOA.

We had several members in attendance along with 7 or 8 guests, and signed up a few new members.

Our trade item was a tomahawk / hatchet. We had three forges going with lots of participation and instruction.

During our business meeting we again reminded everyone of our yearly dues, and upcoming project ideas.

Jerry also invited everyone to his shop the following Monday evening to try your hand at forge welding.

We had four or five people in attendance, and all I will say is I need a lot more practice in forging a good strong weld.

Our next meeting will be held on March 5th at Jerry Holms shop in Van Buren. Our trade item will be a hardy tool. It must be tapered to accommodate the different hardy hole sizes. Hope to see ya there.

Todd Rowland
RVBOA Secretary


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