February 2016 Northeast Chapter Meeting

NEA BOA meeting was held on February 6, 2016, at Jim Soehlman’s shop from 8am til 3pm. We had 22 members and 9 guests. Largest meeting to date for our chapter.

Members present were: Eddie Mullins, Dusty Elliott, Mike DeLoache, Bryan Carter, Kade Carter, Wes Ford, Brad Ussery, Aldon Philpot, Larry Ford, Raymond Lyerly, John Johnson, Dan Davis, Rebecca Soehlman, Jim Soehlman.

Ron Wells and Tom Upton from the NWA chapter and Robert Fox from the CAC chapter. New member from January meeting Andy Graves was also in attendance.

We had four new members sign up this meeting: Adam West, Jason Boggs, Matt Elliott and Elijah Thomas.

Guests present were: Jeremy Gunn, Emill Boggs, Chris Harrison, Sam Harrison, Jeremiah Tribble, Dan Martin, Serina Thomas and Mike Thomas.

Jim Bacon was guest at the November meeting/demo also attended this meeting. Jim has been a farrier at most of the big horse racing tracks in the USA from NY to Calif. Jim has lots to offer and much information can be gained just by talking with him.

Thank you Robert Fox for attending our meeting. We want to thank Ron Wells and Tom Upton for the largest ever coal delivery. 94 bags. WOW!!!

The meeting started in the typical fashion with the challenge question “who has not started a coal fire?” Dusty Elliott helped the newbies fire the forge.

John Johnson, proud owner of a newly acquired WWI cavalry forge, brought it and fired it up.
We had 3 forges and 3 anvils being used most of the meeting with a wide range of items being made: fork, knife, hoof pick, leaf, etc.

We enjoyed hamburgers and chips for lunch and had a short business meeting. There was mention that BSA wanted us to put on a demo at Crowley’s Ridge State Park were several boy scouts will be camping in April. We decided that maybe a few of us would do a two or three hour demo. Date and time are to be announced.

Jim Soehlman—NEACBOA Secretary


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