February 2016 Central Chapter Meeting

The February meeting of the Central Arkansas Chapter of the Blacksmith Organization of Arkansas (CACBOA) was held at the forge of Dale Custer.

Thanks to Linda and Dawn for preparing lunch

Members in attendance included Dale Custer, Brandon Wilson, Tim Huddleston & Keith Heffelfinger

The morning was spent with open forging with Tim finishing his trade item.

In the business meeting, Dale updated us on the plans for the next smelt. The plan for the afternoon is to consolidate some more of the bloom. The furnace will have to be rebuilt the next time we intend to fire it up.

Everyone is encouraged to attend the ABANA conference in Salt Lake this summer, July 13-16. Anyone can buy tickets for the Iron-in-the-Hat.

Contact Dale, who is also our ABANA liaison, for more information and tickets.

Remember to pay your dues, if you have not already. They are actually long past due.

In the afternoon, those present took turns striking for Dale on the mace heads. One miss sent a top tool flying in an unfortunate and painful trajectory.

Tim Huddleston, CACBOA Member


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