January 2016 River Valley Chapter Meeting

Much thanks goes out to Jerry Holmes and his wife for hosting our January meeting. Jerry’s shop is well suited for accommodating several people and everyone had a great time.

We had 15 members in attendance along with 5 or 6 guests. Our trade item was a set of tongs. I always like it when our trade items are something we can use at our own shops. We had two forges going with lots of participation and instruction.


During our business meeting we discussed the up-coming smelt scheduled for later this month, reminder of our yearly dues, and some opportunities of setting up blacksmithing demo’s at community events in the coming year.

Todd Rowland
RVBOA Secretary

January 2016 Northwest Chapter Meeting

The meeting at Robert Meuser’s had a fairly small showing, on account of fears of snow that never showed.

Bob Patrick demonstrated a fork with welded-on tines, and made Robert a new hot-cut hardy with the help of Bob Lock as striker.

A test-decal applied to the trailer suggests we’ll need to try a different approach for the trailer decals. The rivets cause too many problems for a solid decal. Robert suggested mounting a large metal sheet over the side to cover the rivets. Details are to be sorted out another time.

Dale opened up the meeting, mentioning that ABANA sent in some tickets for Iron-in-the-Hat at the conference in Salt Lake City. Dale said he’ll be there, so if anyone in the group should happen to win, he could probably help out in bringing the winnings back.

Next we shifted to the subject of the smelt. Bob Lock is getting both the clay and sand. I’m bringing a partly used bag of peat moss. David Egan said he’d see about getting a cardboard tube for the furnace form, and Clyde is bringing some twine.

Bob Patrick announced that Bob Lock will be working with him on building a lock and key, hopefully leading to an apprenticeship. Bob (Patrick) said he’ll keep the club up to date on the progress of the project and take pictures as things progress.

Sam Hibbs, NWBOA Member

January 2016 Northeast Chapter Meeting

The January meeting was held at Lloyd Clayton’s shop.

Members present were Brad Ussery, Raymond Lyerly, John Johnson, Jimmie Barnes, Wes Ford, Larry Ford, Mike DeLoache, Lloyd Clayton and Eddie Mullins. I was glad to see Wendell Hogan, a formerly active member, in attendance and he even brought along a guest, Jeremy Key, who joined. We also had another guest and now new member, Andy Graves.

I would like to thank Lloyd and his wife for hosting the meeting and providing the excellent pulled pork we had for lunch. I’d also like to thank Raymond for the knife handle material he brought and shared with the group.

Projects for the meeting were tongs and twisted RR spike garden trowels. These projects allowed the demonstration and practice of several techniques including fullering, peening, riveting, striking and power hammer use.

The February meeting will be at Jim Soehlman’s shop on the first Saturday of the month, 2/6/16. We are expecting Ron with our biggest coal order ever. If you ordered coal make sure you are there to help unload and pick up your order.

The March meeting will also be on the first Saturday, 3/5/16 at Mike DeLoache’s shop.

Eddie Mullins—NEACBOA Steward

January 2016 Central Chapter Meeting

Dale opened the meeting by thanking Robert Thompson for hosting two months in a row.

Dale thanked Christie for a wonderful lunch that hit the spot for a winter day.

The February meeting is at Dale’s and the trade item is “something that cuts.” Brandon is looking forward to Dale getting another railroad spike knife.

We had five members at the meeting. Besides Robert Thompson and his wife, Dale, Tim Huddleston and Brandon Willson attended.

We had an extended discussion of the upcoming smelt, including the clay used–how it is processed and formed into bricks. The discussion continued with how the furnace is constructed and fired. The critical size of the charcoal was explained by Dale. We are hoping that adding scale to the ore will boost our yield. The smelt starts on the 21st and runs until 23rd.

There is one ABANA T-shirt left. We discussed the Iron-in-the-Hat drawings that ABANA has extended to the affiliates.

Dues are past due.

Only three CAC members are current on their dues.

Tim Huddleston made a motion to adjourn and Brandon seconded it.

Dale Custer, CACBOA Steward

December 2015 River Valley Chapter Meeting

Unfortunately I had to leave the December meeting early and missed out hanging out with
my friends and some great deer chili; but many thanks goes out to Dallas Roberson and his
wife for hosting. You guys were wonderful hosts.

We had several members in attendance along with a few guests. This month’s trade item was a Christmas cane.

We had three forges going with lots of participation and instruction.

Each month I continue to see smithing skills increase in each member, which is very encouraging.

Our next meeting will be held on January 2nd at Jerry Holmes’ shop east of Van Buren. He
resides at 1604 Daugherty Rd, Van Buren, AR.

Todd Rowland
RVBOA Secretary

December 2015 Northwest Chapter Meeting

Thanks to Clyde and Connie for hosting the meeting. The food was excellent, and Clyde’s smithy is very roomy and well stocked.
Everyone really enjoyed being there, and the weather was great.

On our way to the meeting we always have breakfast at the Kings River store. Ira Collins,
a farrier, was at the store and decided to attend the meeting. I think he liked it. As we were
leaving the store, Lynn Holman came in and heard about the meeting. Lynn came and
enjoyed it and will be joining BOA, shortly.

Lynn is a retired state trooper from Oklahoma. He indicated a desire to accompany Ron on a coal run to Vinita. Ron told me he was looking forward to that as he will find out if he has been breaking any laws.

It seemed like there were a lot of people at the meeting having a good time watching artistic blacksmithing.

Visitors present who became new members were: Larry Van Dyke, Deanna and Jim Watkins
and their son Caleb, Thad Brown, John May and son Eoin, and last but not least, Nancy and
Marlin Spradling who will be renewing their membership after being away for a year. Betty
Jones who joined last year at Clyde’s meeting was back and renewed her membership. Jerry
Holmes introduced Dan Mowrey a new River Valley Chapter member. Counting the new
members, we had 31 members in attendence.

The next meeting on January 9 will be at Robert Meuser’s forge in Mountain Home. The trade item has yet to be decided.

The iron smelt is to be rescheduled, so watch the newsletter for information and dates.

Heidi and her son Buck rode with Ron Wells and me. Heidi had helped Ron get the coal sacked and loaded. She gave Ron a small red pickup with the bed loaded with tiny pieces of coal. I’m pretty sure it was coal she pried from under her fingernails after helping Ron with the loading!

As always, the meeting was educational. I’m sure that all the other members consider we are all good friends. The monthly meeting allows us to visit, trade stories, and learn about each other.

That reminds me of a story that Ron told on the way home that was really funny. It was about being able to tie really strong knots since he was very young. ( Separate website post )

See you in January, weather permitting.
Harold Enlow, NWBOA Secretary

December 2015 Northeast Chapter Meeting

The NEA Chapter met at Jim Soehlman’s shop in December. I would like to thank Jim for
allowing the members to use his shop while he was out of town and for still providing a
delicious ham for lunch. I’d also like to thank the other members that brought food for the
pot luck.

We had a good turn out for the meeting with a number of items forged. Present at the
meeting were Larry Ford, Wes Ford, Lloyd Clayton, Spiro Spanos, Mike Deloache, Brad
Ussery, Dusty Elliot, Bryan Carter, Jade Carter and Eddie Mullins.

I demonstrated one method for forging a carving fork for Wes, and Lloyd Clayton forged a tomahawk from a rasp and demonstrated forging a billet with multiple pieces of layered steel. I also got to light the first fire in Larry’s newly built forge, and Spiro got the honor being the first to use it. It is a
nicely made portable forge on wheels. I believe he and Wes are going to make more nice
modifications to it. I can’t wait to see it when they get done.

Bryan and Kade worked on forging leaves and I believe Dusty forged a Steak Turner.

The January meeting will be on the 9th at Lloyd Clayton’s shop and the February meeting
will be held at Jim’s shop again on the 6th. We are currently hoping to have Ron deliver coal
to the February meeting. We always look forward to his visits and really appreciate the
service he is providing to the club.

As this will come out after the new year I would like to wish you all a belated Merry
Christmas and Happy New Year!
Eddie Mullins—NEACBOA Steward

December 2015 Central Chapter Meeting

We had a wonderful time at Robert Thompson’s home and forge for our third annual CACBOA
Christmas party. We miss Herman and Suzanne, but Robert really stepped up to make it a fun
evening. We only had six members, but there was food for about 30. In the fine tradition of
BOA, I think we left them with very little to clean up…

In addition to the feast and gift exchange, Robert gave us a demonstration of forge welding on
his new coal forge.

I was surprised to see the forge draw so well, since the chimney took a right
turn above the smoke shelf and went almost horizontal for about six feet. Nevertheless, it
worked like a champ (provided you weren’t the one standing under the end of the flue when the
newspaper used to start the forge burned up—I thought it was snowing for a few seconds there).

We had the obligatory business meeting: talking about the ABANA conference, the failure of the
December smelt and our hopes for the January smelt, and the Ypres cenotaph (see page 19).

Dues are now past due! Slackers (like me) that have forgotten to pay in, mail those checks in or
bring money to your January meetings!

Robert Fox,
CACBOA Secretary