January 2016 Northwest Chapter Meeting

The meeting at Robert Meuser’s had a fairly small showing, on account of fears of snow that never showed.

Bob Patrick demonstrated a fork with welded-on tines, and made Robert a new hot-cut hardy with the help of Bob Lock as striker.

A test-decal applied to the trailer suggests we’ll need to try a different approach for the trailer decals. The rivets cause too many problems for a solid decal. Robert suggested mounting a large metal sheet over the side to cover the rivets. Details are to be sorted out another time.

Dale opened up the meeting, mentioning that ABANA sent in some tickets for Iron-in-the-Hat at the conference in Salt Lake City. Dale said he’ll be there, so if anyone in the group should happen to win, he could probably help out in bringing the winnings back.

Next we shifted to the subject of the smelt. Bob Lock is getting both the clay and sand. I’m bringing a partly used bag of peat moss. David Egan said he’d see about getting a cardboard tube for the furnace form, and Clyde is bringing some twine.

Bob Patrick announced that Bob Lock will be working with him on building a lock and key, hopefully leading to an apprenticeship. Bob (Patrick) said he’ll keep the club up to date on the progress of the project and take pictures as things progress.

Sam Hibbs, NWBOA Member