January 2016 Central Chapter Meeting

Dale opened the meeting by thanking Robert Thompson for hosting two months in a row.

Dale thanked Christie for a wonderful lunch that hit the spot for a winter day.

The February meeting is at Dale’s and the trade item is “something that cuts.” Brandon is looking forward to Dale getting another railroad spike knife.

We had five members at the meeting. Besides Robert Thompson and his wife, Dale, Tim Huddleston and Brandon Willson attended.

We had an extended discussion of the upcoming smelt, including the clay used–how it is processed and formed into bricks. The discussion continued with how the furnace is constructed and fired. The critical size of the charcoal was explained by Dale. We are hoping that adding scale to the ore will boost our yield. The smelt starts on the 21st and runs until 23rd.

There is one ABANA T-shirt left. We discussed the Iron-in-the-Hat drawings that ABANA has extended to the affiliates.

Dues are past due.

Only three CAC members are current on their dues.

Tim Huddleston made a motion to adjourn and Brandon seconded it.

Dale Custer, CACBOA Steward