December 2015 Northwest Chapter Meeting

Thanks to Clyde and Connie for hosting the meeting. The food was excellent, and Clyde’s smithy is very roomy and well stocked.
Everyone really enjoyed being there, and the weather was great.

On our way to the meeting we always have breakfast at the Kings River store. Ira Collins,
a farrier, was at the store and decided to attend the meeting. I think he liked it. As we were
leaving the store, Lynn Holman came in and heard about the meeting. Lynn came and
enjoyed it and will be joining BOA, shortly.

Lynn is a retired state trooper from Oklahoma. He indicated a desire to accompany Ron on a coal run to Vinita. Ron told me he was looking forward to that as he will find out if he has been breaking any laws.

It seemed like there were a lot of people at the meeting having a good time watching artistic blacksmithing.

Visitors present who became new members were: Larry Van Dyke, Deanna and Jim Watkins
and their son Caleb, Thad Brown, John May and son Eoin, and last but not least, Nancy and
Marlin Spradling who will be renewing their membership after being away for a year. Betty
Jones who joined last year at Clyde’s meeting was back and renewed her membership. Jerry
Holmes introduced Dan Mowrey a new River Valley Chapter member. Counting the new
members, we had 31 members in attendence.

The next meeting on January 9 will be at Robert Meuser’s forge in Mountain Home. The trade item has yet to be decided.

The iron smelt is to be rescheduled, so watch the newsletter for information and dates.

Heidi and her son Buck rode with Ron Wells and me. Heidi had helped Ron get the coal sacked and loaded. She gave Ron a small red pickup with the bed loaded with tiny pieces of coal. I’m pretty sure it was coal she pried from under her fingernails after helping Ron with the loading!

As always, the meeting was educational. I’m sure that all the other members consider we are all good friends. The monthly meeting allows us to visit, trade stories, and learn about each other.

That reminds me of a story that Ron told on the way home that was really funny. It was about being able to tie really strong knots since he was very young. ( Separate website post )

See you in January, weather permitting.
Harold Enlow, NWBOA Secretary


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