December 2015 Central Chapter Meeting

We had a wonderful time at Robert Thompson’s home and forge for our third annual CACBOA
Christmas party. We miss Herman and Suzanne, but Robert really stepped up to make it a fun
evening. We only had six members, but there was food for about 30. In the fine tradition of
BOA, I think we left them with very little to clean up…

In addition to the feast and gift exchange, Robert gave us a demonstration of forge welding on
his new coal forge.

I was surprised to see the forge draw so well, since the chimney took a right
turn above the smoke shelf and went almost horizontal for about six feet. Nevertheless, it
worked like a champ (provided you weren’t the one standing under the end of the flue when the
newspaper used to start the forge burned up—I thought it was snowing for a few seconds there).

We had the obligatory business meeting: talking about the ABANA conference, the failure of the
December smelt and our hopes for the January smelt, and the Ypres cenotaph (see page 19).

Dues are now past due! Slackers (like me) that have forgotten to pay in, mail those checks in or
bring money to your January meetings!

Robert Fox,
CACBOA Secretary


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