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May 2016


January 2016 Northwest Chapter Meeting

The meeting at Robert Meuser’s had a fairly small showing, on account of fears of snow that never showed. Bob Patrick demonstrated a fork with welded-on tines, and made Robert a new hot-cut hardy with the help of Bob Lock as striker. A test-decal applied to the trailer suggests we’ll …


January 2016 Northeast Chapter Meeting

The January meeting was held at Lloyd Clayton’s shop. Members present were Brad Ussery, Raymond Lyerly, John Johnson, Jimmie Barnes, Wes Ford, Larry Ford, Mike DeLoache, Lloyd Clayton and Eddie Mullins. I was glad to see Wendell Hogan, a formerly active member, in attendance and he even brought along a …


December 2015 Northwest Chapter Meeting

Thanks to Clyde and Connie for hosting the meeting. The food was excellent, and Clyde’s smithy is very roomy and well stocked. Everyone really enjoyed being there, and the weather was great. On our way to the meeting we always have breakfast at the Kings River store. Ira Collins, a farrier, was at the store and decided to …