November 2015 River Valley Chapter Meeting

I would like to begin by paying tribute to Ross Wilkinson for his generous contributions as the River Valley secretary, and his unselfish assistance in developing our chapter this past year.

We have grown in many ways and much credit should go to Ross. We will miss him.

Our meeting in November was held at Gary Braswell’s shop in Lavaca. We had several members in attendance along with a few guests.

This month’s trade item was a meat fork, which displayed our developing growth in blacksmithing skills.

We had two forges going, and several of us made some knives and crosses.

We had great fellowship around the dinner table with some wonderful gumbo. Many thanks to Gary’s wife for providing a great meal.

Our next meeting will be held on December 5th at Dallas Roberson’s shop in Lavaca. He resides at 1409 Hwy 96. Our trade item will be a candy cane highlighting your favorite blacksmithing twist.

Todd Rowland RVBOA Secretary


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