November 2015 Northwest Chapter Meeting

Thanks to Lynda and Keith Heffelfinger for hosting the November meeting.

They spent quite a lot of time getting their place ready for this event, and it is a very nice setting. There is a spring fed creek which runs between the house and the smithy.

Keith gave some demos, one of which was an anvil small enough to use for a keychain. I was impressed. We all liked his forge and blower. He built both the forge and blower from scratch and the blower is a bellows.

He also taught us how to work pipe and has some good artistic designs. He should have been a teacher! Lynda made some tasty chili for our lunch.

The weather was nice enough for all of us to eat outside in the yard. Of course, the meeting followed lunch and Dale didn’t give us a chance to doze off after the great meal. He talked about the second smelt the club is planning for December 4th, 5th, and 6th, at ESSA, the Eureka Springs School of the Arts.


Members present at the meeting were Tom Bates, Joseph Breer, Michael Breer, Dale Custer, Harold Enlow, Clyde Foster, Keith Heffelfinger, Lynda Heffelfinger, Sam Hibbs, Eric Lindberg, Bob Lock, Hardy Todd, and Ron Wells. A couple of fellows signed up as new members. They are Scott Ridey (an experienced smith) and John Hairford, who is looking for equipment for his smithy.

After the meeting, Scott gave a few of us a demo on how to make a beautiful leaf. I always learn a lot at the meetings and appreciate the talent and help of the other blacksmiths.

The December meeting is at Clyde Foster’s place near Marble, Arkansas. The trade item is a Christmas ornament.

The January meeting may be at a different location than originally planned as Cheryl may have to have back surgery.

Dale has ordered the T-shirts and maybe some caps, also, since he has gotten enough requests to place the minimum order.

Ron Wells is not one to let anyone down who has ordered coal and even though he wasn’t feeling well, he managed, with the help of Bertie, to deliver the coal orders to the meeting, as he had promised. We hope he is feeling better by now. I

hope to see all of you in December at Clyde’s.

Harold Enlow, NWBOA Secretary


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