November 2015 Northeast Chapter Meeting

Meeting held at Crowley’s Ridge State Park, 11-7-15 from 10 am until 3:00 pm.

Members present: Larry Ford, Raymond Lyerly, Brad Ussery, Bryan Carter, John Johnson, Aldon Philpot, Lloyd Clayton, Carl Steyer, Jim Soehlman and Rebecca Soehlman Guests:

There were an estimated 100+ by Elizabeth Whaley, Crowley’s Ridge State Park interpreter.

The focus of the demonstration was to make items that a blacksmith in the 1800’s would have made for people that were homesteading on the Ridge.


We touched on a small portion of what could have been made but the crowd seems to love watching and had lots of questions.

All of us took the opportunity to interact with the onlookers and make it interesting for them. It’s fun for all when you can tell the onlookers that when “Pa” needed a horse shoe, he went to the barn and made it and when “Ma” needed a spoon or wall hook, “Pa” went to the barn and made it.

I’d like to personally thank Raymond Lyerly for showing up to my shop and helping me load all the equipment and for following me home and helping me unload.

Jim Soehlman— NEACBOA Secretary


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