October 2015 River Valley Chapter Meeting

The River Valley’s October meeting was held at the Fall Festival in Greenwood AR on October 3rd.

This is the last meeting that I will have the honor of serving as secretary. I has been a pleasure to serve alongside Jerry Holmes and assist in the development of the chapter from its inception last January.

I have taken a position with ArcelorMittal in Shelby OH.

It was a great day for the meeting and we had a small crowd of members in attendance. Along with the demonstration forge set up by the chapter, Dan Mowry was present with his trailer. We all had a great time of forging and fellowship all day. Several visitors stopped by to watch the demonstrations and f few expressed interest in joining the organization.

Todd Rowland will fill my position as secretary starting in November. Let all welcome him in his new role.

The next meeting will be held at Dallas Roberson’s shop in Lavaca on November 7th, and the trade item will be a meat fork. The December meeting will be held at Gary Braswell’s in Lavaca on December 5th.

The December trade item is a candy cane that showcases your favorite blacksmithing twist.

Ross Wilkinson
RVBOA Secretary

** Webmasters Note**  

Ross, we appreciate all you have done to build the River Valley Chapter, and the contributions you have made to the BOA as a whole.  We will miss your advice, your knowledge and your family.  Return back to us often.

Tim Huddleston  – BOA Webmaster

October 2015 Northwest Chapter Meeting

Twenty-nine members were present at the Rusty Wheels Show near Harrison. It was a really good turnout.

Tom Bates and Harold Enlow helped me set up the BOA Forge on Friday, October 9th, 2015. When we started around noon there was a light rain. In about an hour it cleared and the rest of the weekend was beautiful.

Saturday was the regular meeting of the NW Chapter of BOA. We had a very special treat planned for the meeting. Mark Morrow, expert knife and sword maker, demonstrated how to put the handle, guard, and pommel on a Bowie knife. I’ve built many belt knives in my younger years, but now I know how to do it properly. Mark is an excellent teacher.

Evelyn Lock, Bob’s wife, brought wonderful cookies and fudge for midmorning refreshments.

Sales weren’t as good as the week before at the Harvest Homecoming. We did raise $51 for our treasury.

After lunch we had a short business meeting chaired by our president, Dale Custer. T-shirts will be ordered shortly. Mark will finish the Bowie knife and send it back to us.

The November 14th meeting is at Keith and Lynda Heffelfinger’s shop at Timbo. The trade item is a pair of hinges. The December 12th meeting is at Clyde Foster’s shop at Marble. A Christmas ornament will do for the trade item.

Cheryl Miskell will host the January meeting at her place North of Jasper.

Guests and new members were introduced. Ross Wilkinson’s wife Gayle and sons Walter and Daniel were present. Ross was in Ohio where he has started a new job. We are going to miss Ross. Brennon and Jacey High were present. It was their first meeting since joining. Eric Lindberg, a new member was also present. Brothers, Hunter and Noah Burroughs joined. They will be in the Central Chapter. Pete Eldridge from Alpena joined. My friend Larry Nutter from Lead Hill also joined Saturday. (Oh no, not another woodcarver!)

Since Hardy was not at the meeting, the idea was entertained to continue the meeting indefinitely.

However, this was just an idea and the meeting was adjourned.

Those present at the meeting included Bill Angle, Tom Bates, Samuel Bollman, Wayne Bollman, James Brantley, Joseph Breer, Michael Breer, Hunter Burroughs, Noah Burroughs, Dale Custer, Joe Doster, Pete Eldridge, Harold Enlow, Robert Fox, Keith Heffelfinger, Lynda Heffelfinger, Brennon High, Jacey High, Eric Lindberg, Bob Lock, Nathan Low, Steve Low, Robert Meuser, Mark Morrow, Larry Nutter, Bob Patrick, John Petersen, Elmer Polston, and Ron Wells

Ron Wells
BOA Treasurer and Coal-meister

October 2015 Northeast Chapter Meeting

Meeting was held October 3rd at Fred Barnes sorghum shed.

Members in attendance were Jimmie Barnes, Brad Ussery, Mike DeLoache, Aldon Philpot, Larry Ford, Wes Ford, John Johnson, Rebecca Soehlman and Jim Soehlman.

We had lots of guests: Bryan Carter, Kade Carter, Fred Barnes (host), Kacey Barnes, Misty Philpot, Samantha Philpot, Casey Smith, Bonnie Smith and Richard Slayton.

The day started off with “squeezing” the sorghum cane. After the juice begin to flow, some of us fired up a couple of forges and begin to teach the basics of forging to some of our quests. Most of our meeting are in shops but today was a beautiful day and the outdoor forging was really fun.

Hooks for hanging metal stock out of the weather where made by Aldon and Brad for Jimmie.
Since we had so many guests that were interested in being hands on, we made lots of leafs. Bryan and Kade each making really nice first time leafs said they would be back for the December meeting to join.

We look forward to having them. Misty made a good looking leaf that had an unplanned twist that really got crowd approval.

There were side discussions about anvil refacing and we are looking for some other chapters to help us find someone that does this.

As it neared lunch time, we all congregated toward the sorghum shed were an old wood stove was finishing up it’s work on venison chili, beef chili, peach cobbler and apple cobbler. There were hot dogs to be cooked on a campfire if you choose to. All this mixed with the sweet smells of sorghum cooking near by.

We missed all the members that didn’t get to make the meeting. Hope to see you soon.

Jim Soehlman—NEACBOA Secretary

October 2015 Central Chapter Meeting

The October meeting of the central Arkansas chapter of the blacksmith organization of Arkansas (CACBOA) was held on Saturday, October 17th at the forge of Thurston Fox in Mayflower, Arkansas.

We had eleven members present , along with several guests., including a neighbor who dropped by to see what all the excitement was. I think he saw all the cars and thought there was a party.

We started off the morning with a demonstration of the making of a dogwood flower (see project notes on next page).

I would like to say that the demonstration was well-received, but, to be honest, I think the members were seriously distracted by the trade item for the month—”your preferred weapon for the zombie apocalypse.” Ross and Gail’s two youngest boys (Albert was visiting an uncle) in particular were dying to use the trade items on the pumpkins Dale supplied.

It was a constant battle to keep said weapons from said boys. To be honest, I think some of our members were secretly with the boys on this one.

We had grilled burgers and hotdogs for lunch, followed by a quick business meeting.

After the meeting, we FINALLY released the hounds and demolished pumpkins. For enthusiasm, I think young Daniel Wilkinson must be awarded top honors, but for sheer precision and style, the judges unanimously gave the highest scores to Christian Shelton.

After that, we broke into some free forging. One member brought some knife blanks to heat treat, I had some assistance finishing a nail header. Thurston Fox demonstrated some leatherwork, and we forged some horseshoes into a more circular shape which he used to make some unique drink coasters.

Our next meeting is back at Tim’s on the third Saturday in November, but we have also borrowed the club trailer for our second year to participate in the Faulkner County Museum Open House on Saturday November 7th, from 10:00—4:00 in downtown Conway.

We hope any of you who find yourselves in that neck of the woods can drop by!.

Robert Fox,
CACBOA Secretary