October 2015 Northeast Chapter Meeting

Meeting was held October 3rd at Fred Barnes sorghum shed.

Members in attendance were Jimmie Barnes, Brad Ussery, Mike DeLoache, Aldon Philpot, Larry Ford, Wes Ford, John Johnson, Rebecca Soehlman and Jim Soehlman.

We had lots of guests: Bryan Carter, Kade Carter, Fred Barnes (host), Kacey Barnes, Misty Philpot, Samantha Philpot, Casey Smith, Bonnie Smith and Richard Slayton.

The day started off with “squeezing” the sorghum cane. After the juice begin to flow, some of us fired up a couple of forges and begin to teach the basics of forging to some of our quests. Most of our meeting are in shops but today was a beautiful day and the outdoor forging was really fun.

Hooks for hanging metal stock out of the weather where made by Aldon and Brad for Jimmie.
Since we had so many guests that were interested in being hands on, we made lots of leafs. Bryan and Kade each making really nice first time leafs said they would be back for the December meeting to join.

We look forward to having them. Misty made a good looking leaf that had an unplanned twist that really got crowd approval.

There were side discussions about anvil refacing and we are looking for some other chapters to help us find someone that does this.

As it neared lunch time, we all congregated toward the sorghum shed were an old wood stove was finishing up it’s work on venison chili, beef chili, peach cobbler and apple cobbler. There were hot dogs to be cooked on a campfire if you choose to. All this mixed with the sweet smells of sorghum cooking near by.

We missed all the members that didn’t get to make the meeting. Hope to see you soon.

Jim Soehlman—NEACBOA Secretary


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