September 2015 Northwest Chapter Meeting

September 12, 2015

The Northwest Area BOA September meeting was held at Tired Iron, in Gentry. Dale called the meeting to order and thanked Bryan for allowing us to demonstrate at the Tired Iron forge. Dale thanked Bob and Evelyn Lock for the pizza, Mississippi Mud Brownies and pumpkin sugar cookies they provided for lunch.

BOA members in attendance at this meeting included Tom Bates, Samuel Bollman, Wayne Bollman, Joseph Breer, Michael Breer, Dale Custer, Clyde Foster, Jerry Holmes, Drew Janes, Bob Lock, Nathan Low, Steve Low, Kevin McDonald, Cheryl Miskell, Ed Osoris, Jimmy Owen, Bryan Parsons, Elmer Polston, Ervin Potter, Ron Shiery, Hardy Todd, Ron Wells, and Ross Wilkinson. Bob Lock’s wife and Ross Wilkinson’s wife and three sons were guests. Kevin McDonald and Ron Shiery joined BOA at this meeting.

Old Business:

Ron introduced Gabriel Stewart and Trey (great grandsons of Don Mayes) as guests, with their father.

The first weekend in October is Harvest Homecoming. The event starts on October 2 and runs through the 3th. Details are forthcoming, and will be in the newsletter. Ron will pick up the trailer from Cheryl’s house and take it to Harrison. (Just a reminder: Dale has encouraged everyone to make lots of items to sell at Harvest Homecoming!)

The January meeting will be at Cheryl Miskell’s forge in Marble Falls. The trade item is TBD.

The February meeting is traditionally held at Richard’s forge. Dale will check to make sure.

The submission date for the newsletter has been changed. Dale adjured everyone to get their stuff in on time. Robert, our intrepid editor, was thanked for his industry and alacrity by both Hardy and Dale. Dale observed that BOA has had some “growing pains” with regards to choosing a post office which would provide the quickest delivery of our newsletter.

New Business:

Steve Low has contributed a three foot fan to the club. Dale thanked Steve for the fan.
Bob asked about how many T-shirts have to be requested before we can order. Dale said we would need 25 to order. Dale doesn’t have a count yet, but will provide the information soon.

The October Northwest Area BOA meeting will be held on October 10th.
Rusty Wheels
5772 Hwy 65 S
Harrison, AR 72601
The trade item will “Tongs”

You can find us just about 6 miles south of Harrison AR at 5772 Hwy 65 South.
If you’re coming south out of Harrison, we’ll be on your right hand side, but if you’re coming north on Hwy 65, we’ll be on your left. Either way we’re not hard to find. There’s a big steam train and some tractors sitting in our front yard.

Mark Morrow is scheduled to demonstrate for BOA again. At Rusty Wheels, Mark will show members how to fit a guard, handle and pommel on a bowie knife.

Dale will be contacting ESSA to schedule our next smelt for November 5. Dale will keep members posted about this upcoming event. Ross has submitted an article about the January smelt. Dale and

Ross will contact Robert about including this article in the next newsletter.

Ross and Cheryl discussed doing a blacksmithing demonstration at Pirates Days at Dogpatch last weekend. Ross handed out every business card he had. Several people expressed interest in joining BOA.

The River Valley chapter will demonstrate at the Greenwood Fall festival on October 3rd. This is the same weekend as Harvest Homecoming.

Steve will be demonstrating at Siloam Springs next Saturday, September 19, and will do a demonstration for two of their High School Agriculture classes this semester.

Elmer did a demonstration at the Black Branch forge this past May.

Ron introduced Ron Shiery, a new member as of this meeting. Kevin McDonald is another new member, along with his wife, Robin. Kevin commented on the BOA website and noted that it needs to be updated.

Dale pointed out Mr. Ervin Potter has been a member for twenty years.

Ron commented on supplying coal. He has gotten good advance notice from members who want to purchase coal, and he still has a few bags available after this meeting.

Hardy moved to adjourn, Tom seconded, and all said, “AYE!”

Respectfully submitted,
Cheryl Miskell
NW Secretary


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