September 2015 Central Chapter Meeting

The Central Arkansas Chapter of the Blacksmith Organization of Arkansas (CACBOA) met on Saturday, September 19th at the forge of Tim Huddleston in Benton. Or Bryant.

Even Tim isn’t real confident which city he really lives in. Unless your from one or the other, there doesn’t appear to really be any difference.

We had seventeen people present, including four guests. I don’t know that I’ve ever seen that many people at a CACBOA meeting before.

Fortunately, Tim’s lovely wife, despite a broken arm, managed to feed us all. They have two teenage boys, so feeding seventeen smiths isn’t really a challenge for her.

Tim demonstrated an unusual wall hook shaped like a musical treble clef. If you have anyone who is musically inclined, that would be a very unique gift I’m sure they would appreciate. Tim did a great job with the demo.

Two of the guests then tried their hand at it, and produced very nice results. Clearly, Tim is a great teacher.

Ross Wilkinson helped Salauddin make a very nice decorative heart. Next month, Salauddin wants to make an arrow to attach to it. Do you have a certain someone in mind Salauddin?

Tim Huddleston and Robert Thompson also helped me hot cut a nail header I had made from what appears to be a leaf spring from a car. Well, I turned the crank on the blower.

Tim and Robert seemed eager to cut the slab down to a handle width, and I seemed eager to let them. I seem to always bring a project to Tim’s that he and others help me finish. It really wasn’t on purpose this time. Honest.

In the business meeting, Dale told us about upcoming meetings for the other chapters (see page 4) and about upcoming events (see page 18). He told us about BOA’s new big fan, and about T-shirt orders.

It was a warm day, but a bit of a breeze came up in the afternoon. All in all, a really nice lazy end-of-the-summer meeting (says the guy who watch other people do his work for him).

Can’t wait to go back in November. I’ve been thinking I need a tenoning jig. Maybe if I bring the stuff and struggle with it a little while, Tim and the crew will let me turn the crank while they finish it for me…

Robert Fox,
CACBOA Secretary


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