June 2015 BOA Northeast Chapter Meeting

The June meeting was attended by three members, Eddie Mullins, Dusty Elliot and Lloyd Clayton.
Dusty continues to work on making more steak turners (she has quite a collection now), while Eddie demonstrated how to make a set of bolt tongs for Lloyd.

Dusty was in charge of the meal for the meeting and served Bar-B-Q chicken, chips, pasta salad and beans….WOW see what happens when you miss a meeting…someone serves a feast. The meeting lasted from 9 am until 2 pm. Plans for the upcoming demonstration at Crowley’s Ridge State Park were discussed.

Crowley’s Ridge State Park demonstration was held on June 20th and was attended by nine members (Eddie Mullins, Raymond Lyerly, Dan Davis, Dusty Elliot, Lloyd Clayton, John Johnson, Jimmie Barnes, Jim and Rebecca Soehlman). According to Elizabeth Whaley, park interpreter, we drew a crowd of visitors to the park of 70+ people. I would like to recognize Dylon Nelson (family member) for helping with name tags for all the members while we were setting up the area and Bruce and Angie Reichardt who stayed all day and then helped us load up equipment.

We signed up five new members (Mike DeLoache, Aldon Philpot, Harold Edwards and Bruce and Angie Reichardt) and two more took applications to return at the next regular meeting.

We loaded up three coal forges, one gas forge, four anvils, a pedal grinding stone, a post vise, tool rack….a bunch of stuff and headed to the park.

We fired the forges and started drawing metal and people. In just a short time we had guests in aprons, gloves and safety glasses making their first items.

Half way through the day I was asked by Elizabeth if we were willing to come back and do another demo later in the year and also to become a vendor for the park so they could sell items that we would make for them.

This was a great experience and tons of fun!!!

I want to thank all the members that came out to help…absolutely an amazing day. To the members that didn’t make, I know some of you had commitments that have to come first but we will do this again.

Jim Soehlman—NEACBOA Secretary


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