August 2015 Northwest Chapter Meeting

August 8, 2015

The Northwest Area BOA August meeting was held at Cheryl Miskell’s home, in Marble Falls. Dale called the meeting to order and thanked Cheryl for hosting the meeting.

Dale introduced and welcomed Michael and Joseph Breer.

BOA members in attendance at this meeting included Bill Angle, Tom Bates, Joseph Breer, Michael Breer, Dale Custer, Buck Dahlstrom, Clyde Foster, Sam Hibbs, Bob Lock, Steve Low, Heidi McLaughlin, Cheryl Miskell, Bryan Parsons, Bob Patrick, Elmer Polston, Hardy Todd, Ron Wells, and Ross Wilkinson. Ross was accompanied by his wife, Gail and youngest son, Daniel.

Dale reminded members that the September meeting will be at Tired Iron on September 12. The trade item is anything made out of a horseshoe. Dale noted we may have to bring our own lunches. Bryan will keep us posted on this, as now there’s “no buying or selling of any item on their grounds” (it’s a tax issue).

The October meeting is at Rusty Wheels in Bellefonte. The trade item is tongs.

Harvest Homecoming is the first weekend in October. This is a three day event. Dale encouraged everyone to make lots of items to sell.

Members unanimously approved paying Mark Morrow to finish the cutlass. Mark will finish the handle, pommel, etc. BOA will pay $400 for this work, and will raffle the cutlass, or “find a way to make the most money we can.”

The November meeting will be at the Hefflefingers’ forge in Mountain View. The trade item is TBD.

The submission date for the newsletter is changing. The deadline is the second to last Saturday of the month. In most months, this will be the third Saturday. In months with five Saturdays, the deadline will be the fourth Saturday.

The December meeting will be at Clyde Foster’s forge in Huntsville. Trade item TBD.

Bob asked about another iron smelt. Dale said the next smelt will likely be scheduled for early next year.

Hardy suggested that our club have railroad spikes available, and sell them three for $1. We pay 25¢ per pound.

On T-shirts and hats: per Dale, these will be ordered “when we get enough.” Ron noted that our supplier will do hats in any number.

Ron had extra coal on the truck, and it was spoken for quick, fast and in a hurry.

Clyde made a motion to adjourn, Cheryl seconded, and we wrapped up early because it was TOO HOT FOR WORDS!

Cheryl Miskell,
NWBOA Secretary


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