August 2015 Northeast Chapter Meeting

NEA chapter held its meeting on August 1st, at Mullins Forge and Metalworks.

We had 11 members and 3 guests.

Members present were; Eddie Mullins, Wes Ford, Larry Ford, Dan Davis, Brad Ussery, Angie Figueroa, Aldon Philpot, Dan Newton, Jimmie Barnes, Raymond Lyerly and Ron Wells.

Visitors present were; Chad Crawford and Russell Baldridge.

We want to thank Ron for coming to the meeting and supplying us with coal. Ron, you make our hearts as well as our forges warm each time you visit us. New members commented that it is “nice to hear from you on what is going on state wide.”

We set up two forging areas. One in the shop and another outside under the shade trees.

Dan made a knife for himself as well as a knife and striker for one of the visitors.

Angie and Brad worked on a spike knife with a twisted handle and Dan helped with some of the final touches. Angie and Brad are doing very well for this to only be their third meeting.

Eddie demonstrated how to do different types of scrolls and a few ways to forge a ball onto a bar. (Sorry I missed that Eddie, I’ve been wanting you to show me that ball on a bar thing.)

Dan Newton forged a poker and showed how to use a ringing anvil to call in the crowds when doing a demo. (OK Dan O, you’re first on the anvil when we do the demo at Pioneer Days in Maynard on Sept 19th.)

Aldon, brought his trade item (a fire poker) which I’m told he did a great job on and got rave reviews by the group. He has also been busy at his shop at home and has build a dandy looking inexpensive forge.

We have some changes and updates in our chapter calendar….things change and opportunities arise…hmmm, that’s blacksmithing at its norm I believe.

Jim Soehlman—NEACBOA Secretary


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