May 2015 River Valley Chapter BOA Meeting

The May meeting was held on the second at my place. It was a sunny day without rain. Several members attended along with a couple of visitors. I was working on having the metal shaper in operation but am still working on how to power the equipment. The main obstacle is matching an electric motor up to a gearbox to have the right speed of the ram. The crew also saw my Edwards #10 shear in action.

There were two forges going in the morning to help finish projects and a forge welding demonstration by Jerry Holmes. After dinner, everyone gathered around to watch me make a flower. Several members made candleholders for the trade items.

Gale fixed a wonderful dinner with a choice of gumbo and/or German skillet. To top it off, we all had Southern Strawberry punchbowl cake for dessert.

The June meeting will, again, be at Jerry Holmes with a set of hooks (J, S, L) for a trade item. The July meeting will be moved to the second Saturday (July 11) to allow everyone to celebrate July 4th. It will be held at Gary Braswell’s and the trade item will be a door handle.

Ross Wilkinson—RVBOA Secretary


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