May 2015 Central Chapter BOA Meeting

The Central Arkansas Chapter of the Blacksmith Organization of Arkansas (CACBOA) met on Saturday, May 16th at the forge of Thurston Fox (my father) in Mayflower. We had 11 members, including two who joined this month. The weather had been predicted to rain all day, but it turned out quite nice!
This was the first meeting at Thurston’s new forge location. The shop is so new that the grass is still green under the anvil and forge. We literally finished setting everything up the evening before—meaning I had no trade item—very embarrassing for the host of the meeting…
The project was “making a ladle or spoon from a plan” (see project notes, next page). A lot of the stuff we make is more art than precision. There’s certainly a place for that, but I thought it would be interesting to be given a precisely measured plan to follow. There’s a lot to be said for the ability to follow a shop drawing.


The exercise went better than expected. I’m a bit ashamed to say now that I had any concerns at all. Our CACBOA members took to the plans as if they were all a little OCD, and the results turned out wonderful. I guess it’s true what they say—that you don’t know what you’re capable of until you try. This is a huge difference in skill level from the same group even a year ago. I’m very excited to be among a group who are gaining in skill so rapidly. I’m looking forward to great things!

Robert Fox, CACBOA Secretary


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