March 2015 River Valley Chapter BOA Meeting

The March meeting was again held at Jerry’s in Van Buren on a warm sunny day. The attendance was high with 18 people in total, including several visitors. Special guest, Dale Custer, was present and led a forge welding demonstration.

Jackie again cooked a wonderful lunch for the crew. Lunch was finished off with home made Reese’s peanut butter cookies and brownies. We were all full and eager to get back to blacksmithing. We had two forges going to accommodate all the projects being made.

There will not be a River Valley meeting in April to allow members to enjoy the Easter Holiday weekend. Meetings will resume in May at Ross Wilkinson’s (see sidebar for contact information) and the trade item will be a candleholder. The June meeting will again be held at Jerry and Jackie’s place in Van Buren. The June trade item(s) will be a set of hooks, including, Drive, J, and S hooks.

Ross Wilkinson—RVBOA Secretary



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