March 2015 Northwest Chapter BOA Meeting

Our thanks to the Japczyk family for hosting the meeting. Brenda and Sabrina brought us some great food for our lunch. Mike and Stosh gave away some nice pieces of metal to those who needed or wanted some. I teased Mike about the car leaf springs and said I wanted a piece of Studebaker spring. He told me that I would have to settle for Oldsmobile. We had a laugh about that.

The shop is well stocked with all kinds of tools which we used and enjoyed. The forge is inside, so we could work even while it rained some.

This type of meeting is what BOA is all about. Several new members and visitors wanted to make objets d’art, and some of the long time members helped. I recall a spear head, some knives from railroad spikes and one pair of tongs. Buck Dahlstrom (Heidi’s son) made the tongs from rebar and did a fine job. He’s a pretty old feller at 13.

Steve Low brought two grandsons this time. He usually brings Nathan, but brought Max as well. Dale brought his girlfriend, Dawn. Everyone should be as friendly and sociable as she.

The April meeting will be at the tractor show at Gentry. Rather than the second Saturday, it will be on the 18th. It is a three day event, which includes Friday, Saturday and Sunday. The meeting part is on Saturday, of course, but you are welcome on the other days as well. We’ll have a table for items to be sold to make a dollar or two for the club, so think about making something for that.

The trade piece for April is Smith’s choice. The May meeting will be at Cheryl’s place, which is on Highway 7 south of Harrison. It’s at Mill Creek, which I think is considered a Marble Falls address (yes, it is!). Since this is a first, she will have to write instructions on how to get there from points East, West, North and South; or maybe even draw a map (will do!). The trade piece has not been announced yet (I’m leaning toward a corkscrew!).

The annual meeting at Sedalia, MO is April 30 to May 3. I think it’s a BAM conference get together, and is North of Springfield. Some of our members do attend that.

Harold Enlow (typed by Cheryl—any mistakes are mine)



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