March 2015 Northeast Chapter BOA Meeting

We had our March meeting on the 7th at Lloyd Clayton’s shop. There were 9 in attendance: Lloyd Clayton and his wife, Tera, Dusty Elliot, Jimmie Barnes, Jacob Kirby (Lloyd’s apprentice) Eddie Mullins, John Johnson, Adrian Hancock and Jim Soehlman.

We had good participation in the spoon trade item and enjoyed a wonderful Mexican styled meal that Tera prepared for us.

The main focus of the meeting seemed to be admiring Lloyd’s nice little power hammer that I think Eddie is in love with. Eddie was drawing out a piece of metal that he said would have taken him two to three days. Also there was a lot of focus on forge welding and Lloyd gave us a demo of that by bending a bar into a circle and welding it together. I had been having no luck at all in forge welding until I saw the demo and then it was so easy.

It seems to be helping the skills of the group to have the trade items and use the knowledge gained at the meetings to make these items.

The trade item for the next meeting will be a ring that is forge welded….no other description, so it could be almost anything joined together, i.e. heart, ring, square, a trivet…the possibilities are endless.

The portable forge is coming along and should be ready soon for the upcoming public demos….

Jim Soehlman met with a staff member at Crowley’s Ridge State Park and presented a proposal to demonstrate in the park this spring. It was received with much excitement. They want to tie this in to the early pioneer days on the Ridge. Since this chapter has not been involved in public demos before, it would be nice if some of the other chapters could join us in this. I will keep the group informed as to when this may happen. At this point we are looking at late April or sometime in May. Right now the interpreter for the park is working on allowing us to sell some of the items we make for fund raiser for our chapter. Note for other chapters….she introduced this idea to other park interpreters across the state and they are all on board to see how this works out so they can possibly schedule demos in their parks.

Jim Soehlman—NEACBOA Secretary




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