March 2015 Central Chapter BOA Meeting

The March, 2015 Central Arkansas BOA meeting was held at the forge of Herman Ginger in Pine Bluff. Herman’s shop is always well worth the drive.

Per firmly established tradition, we brought our projects to Herman’s place where we always find the right tool for any job, and plenty of help as long as we call our project a “demonstration.”

Dale brought his master touchmark imprint, and tried several methods of making a rig to transfer the imprint to secondary, daily-use touchmark tools. I’m not sure we found the correct process for doing this, but we did discover several methods that didn’t work at all, which is always an education in itself.

The trade item was “something made from a file or rasp.” We had several excellent entries, including a snake forged from a file during the meeting by Gayle Wilkinson, Ross’ better half. I won it in the trade, and now have a railroad spike snake forged by Ross, and a file snake forged by Gayle. Coincidence? I think not.

Just before lunch, Tim Huddleston embarrassed himself when he told Gayle that the file she was hammering on had gone too cold to work. Only, his exacts words were “Gayle, you’re not very hot.” Never say that to any woman, Tim, especially when her blacksmith husband is in earshot. No coal for Tim this Christmas…

Robert Thompson, who I believe will be a married man when next we meet, brought a pair of fireplace tongs he has made for his father-in-law–to-be. Very impressive, and not just for their sheer size. The tongs had a spiral cage pistol-grip handle, squeeze-trigger action, and sturdy jaws, with multiple riveted joints and a wooden brace. Somebody is trying to make a good impression! See back cover for a picture.

We had eleven members present in all, with plenty of pizza and cookies to go around at lunch. We had a very short business meeting, just long enough to plan out our next few meetings and discuss a possible all-BOA conference some time this summer. We had plenty of suggestions, and lots of interest. I hope we hear more details soon! Summer will be here before we know it.

Robert Fox, CACBOA Secretary



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