January 2015 River Valley Chapter BOA Meeting

The Inaugural River Valley chapter meeting was hosted by Jerry Holmes and was well attended. Jerry always takes time to showcase his knife collection and help others in blacksmithing knives. There were two forges going and many knives were made. The trade item was a fire poker. The River Valley is going to do a series of trade items that will end up as a set, so we should have a nice tool set for tending fires by summer time.

Jerry has been practicing at forge welding and demonstrated it for us. He talked about building the proper fire and the flux he uses. He forge welded a handle to a set of tongs. A large number of the members are experienced at knife making and were impressed by this demonstration. 15 members were in attendance. There are a lot of kids in this chapter and at one time the kids out numbered the adults. When you get a chance to, stop by a River Valley meeting and help train the next generation of blacksmiths.

Jerry’s better half Jackie provided a great lunch for us. We had choices from chili, which was needed for working out in the cold, hot dogs, deli sandwiches and more. After lunch the meeting formed around the dinner table.

It was finally announced that the meeting was going. Jerry is going to be the steward and Ross Wilkinson will be the secretary. Gary Braswell volunteered to host the February meeting and the trade item will be a fire shovel. The new chapter was brought up to speed on the ore smelt project. The meeting was adjourned to go have more fun on the forges and make some more knives.

Ross Wilkenson—RVBOA Secretary



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