January 2015 Northwest Chapter BOA Meeting

Thanks to Ed and Susan Osiris for hosting the meeting and providing a very nice lunch. There were over 30 attending which may have been our biggest meeting to date.

I enjoyed all the door knockers that were on the trade item table. Some of the knockers were very creative.

The iron smelt at Eureka Springs, is still a go. It will last for 4 days beginning January 21st. The whole project sounds very complicated. That, of course, will be over by the time this newsletter comes out. Hopefully, everything will work out just fine.

We have a new chapter at Fort Smith, which will be called the River Valley Chapter. It’s amazing how the organization is growing.

The February meeting on the 14th will be at Richard Ross’ forge in Rea Valley, which is near Flippin. You have your choice of a dragonfly or a hummingbird for a trade piece.

Our meeting for March will also be on the 14th and will be at the forge of Stosh Japczyk which is in Eureka Springs. I’m not sure about the trade item. Bob Lock said it will be a cannonball, but he was smiling when he said that.

Ron Wells collected dues from quite a few members at the meeting. I’m sure that I saw him signing up some new members, as well.

Guests were: Joe Martin, Gary Lee, Joseph Young, Will Lockard and Ron Shierry. One guest, Sandy Mabry, had a few blacksmith items for sale. The day was kind of chilly but we were all dressed for the weather. There may have been a few cold toes.

Until next time!

Harold Enlow

BOA Secretary



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