January 2015 Northeast Chapter BOA Meeting

The January meeting was held at my shop and we had an awesome turn out. We had three guests that signed up as members (John Johnson, Barry Barkley and Luke Barkley). John also says he has a son that wants to join next meeting. In addition to the new members we had some members that we hadn’t seen in awhile come to the meeting.

It was really good to see Tim Ryan, Danny Robb, Sr., Adrian Hancock, and Jimmie Barnes. Ron Wells visited and brought us coal and will be getting signs and cards for us in the near future. Thanks Ron, we really appreciate what you do for us. We had a total of eleven members in attendance which also included Eddie Mullins, Rebecca Slayton-Soehlman, and Jim Soehlman. Dusty Elliot, we missed you, sorry for the communication break down.

There was not only talk but plans put into place for the chapter to build a portable forge so we can get out in the community and demonstrate what BOA is all about. Since the meeting, I have had metal wheels and plate steel donated toward the project. I know that we have more materials coming, i.e. brake drums, pipe and angle iron.

Our next meeting will be held at Jim Soehlman’s shop, which by the way needs a good name (I haven’t thought of one yet), on February 7th, (we have adopted the first Saturday of the month), 8:00 a.m. until 3:00 p.m.

We are making progress, WE HAVE A TRADE ITEM, Yeah!! The trade item will be a wall hook with a leaf. Our next step is to set advanced meeting places. Which leads into…..

We have made contact with another fellow in the area that is a farrier that we are told has a very nice shop and contact has made and an invite to our meeting was made and I’m told accepted with enthusiasm. He said he wants to join and host.

Lots of enthusiastic talk between Eddie Mullins and Danny Robb about constructing a power hammer and maybe a hydraulic press. More to come on that.

A big thanks to Rebecca for getting the pizza and drinks for us. “J & B Eggplant” is a play on words, which means Jim and Becca have chickens, LOL. They have recently discovered how to lay eggs and we’re getting close to a dozen a day and running out of refrigerator space…….so, 8 dozen eggs had to go to a few of the smiths at the meeting.

We were blessed with good friends, new friends, good coal and fellowship around the fire.

Jim Soehlman—NEACBOA Secretary



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