February 2015 Northeast Chapter BOA Meeting

We had 13 members and guests come to the February meeting. The guests were: Herb Higgenbottom and Lloyd Clayton (guests of Danny Robb), Matt Quinn and Matt Roemer (guests of Jim Soehlman). Lloyd Clayton joined and Raymond Lylery had previously joined and also attended the meeting.

Members present were Eddie Mullins, Dusty Elliot, Mark Brown, Jimmie Barnes, John Johnson, Danny Robb, Rebecca Slayton-Soehlman and Jim Soehlman. We had some members complete their trade items in the first part of the meeting and a total of seven wall hooks with leaf were traded.

In our January meeting we decided to start building a portable forge and material for that was brought to the meeting and more parts will come next meeting.

I’ve noticed that the guests always seem to be “coached” to learn how to crank the handle on the blower pretty quick. I think that’s a part of an official welcoming to the club…..LOL. Raymond Lylery I think you paid your dues on the blower last meeting.

Matt Quinn stuck around after the meeting and took advantage of the forge to learn a few basics. I think he’s been bit by the bug now, so I expect to see him return and join in the future. The group enjoyed a large pot of venison stew for lunch.

After lunch Lloyd Clayton, who is a farrier by trade, enjoys blacksmithing other things as well. He competes in national farrier competition where you have to make your tongs, then make a horse shoe and then put it on a horse….all within one hour. So we asked if he minded showing some of his work. As you can see from some of the pictures he backed up a completely equipped truck to the shop and gave us a really nice show. We are excited to have him in our group. Each new member brings more ideas and knowledge to the table and our table is blessed with members that have a wealth of knowledge already.

We have an invitation to appear on a local television station for a short news story that should happen soon. We have also made contact with one of the staff at Crowley’s Ridge State Park to do some demonstrations this spring.

Well I look forward to the next meeting, its good to get to together and have a good time doing what we enjoy.

Jim Soehlman—NEACBOA Secretary



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