February 2015 Central Chapter BOA Meeting

The February, 2015 Central Arkansas BOA meeting was held at the forge of Tim Huddleston in Benton. Or Bryant. Tim is apparently claimed by both cities.

At the forge, we had several members join forces to coach our intern, Julio Castillo, through the arcane mysteries of forge welding. Tim’s new forge hood really sucks—in the best possible way. My only issue was that, as large as it is, so many of us were using it on various projects that we had a difficult time getting close enough, and as bitterly cold as it was, even those who weren’t forging wanted to gather around the fire.

At lunch we went up to the house for a great pot-luck. In our business meeting, we discussed the smelt results, the next few meetings, and the BOA trailer artwork. Dale passed on Ron’s Treasurer’s report and passed out fliers for the Eureka Springs School of Arts, featuring our very own Bob Patrick on the cover. We’re all looking forward to a conference-wide BOA meeting sometime soon. The details aren’t quite set yet, but Dale told us he would like to have a meeting in a central location where we can focus on BOA without having to be distracted by the public.

Outside, it was bitterly cold and damp, but surrounded by our fellow smiths, the day was wonderfully warm and cheery.

Robert Fox, CACBOA Secretary



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