December 2014 North East Chapter BOA Meeting

We had our meeting on the 13th. Dusty Elliot and Jim Soehlman were in attendance. Dusty made a sprinkler can for her forge. Jim made a wall hook and a steak turner for Dusty. Rebecca Soehlman made chili that we enjoyed for lunch. We discussed how we are going to start promoting our local monthly meetings in the Jonesboro Sun and any local free papers that run, in order to raise more awareness.

Also we are going to start displaying signs in our yard and possibly at the intersections nearby. When spring gets closer, we are going to try and perform demos at the 2 local state parks, also to draw an interest in people that may be unaware we have a local group. Looking forward to getting the two signs. The NEA group wishes everyone a safe and happy holiday season.

Merry Christmas

Eddie Mullins will be sending out a reminder email to all the group of the next meeting.

Eddie Mullins—NEACBOA Steward.



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