April 2015 Northeast Chapter BOA Meeting

We had 10 in attendance including two guests (Harold “Peanut” and Melanie Beck)

Members present were Jimmie Barnes, Dusty Elliot, Lloyd Clayton, John Johnson, Eddie Mullins, Matt Quinn, Rebecca and Jim Soehlman.

Thank you Melanie Beck for the AWESOME home made cinnamon rolls.

We grilled burgers for lunch and continued to enjoy the huge pan of cinnamon rolls.

Our forging today was kind of individual interest. Lloyd made a dragons head bottle opener, Eddie did some demonstrations to help Matt with his forging. Matt was pleased with his own improvements from the first time he tried his hand at the forge. John worked on a wall hook, I believe, as Dusty looked on. Dusty was making a steak turner.

The new portable forge was fired up and seems to be working fine. A hood would be an improvement however.

There were two trade items (forge welded rings) traded today…..ONLY TWO?? Well that’s a statement of the fact that forge welding does give a lot of us some trouble.

See sidebar for May meeting information. The June NEA BOA will be in Crowley’s Ridge State Park , Saturday June 6th, from 8:am to 3 pm, with Jim Soehlman’s shop as alternate location. The trade item will be a tomahawk (this should prove to be interesting)

I am not encouraged by the email communications that I have received from the staff at the state park. They want us to rent a site and if we were to sell any items at that demonstration, they would receive 20% of the sale. I am not as versed as some of you in setting up a demonstration, so I welcome any input. We do have the cost of coal, metal, transportation, etc. and I feel that a blacksmith demonstration is out of the ordinary.

Jim Soehlman—NEACBOA Secretary



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