April 2015 Central Chapter BOA Meeting

The April, 2015 meeting of the Central Arkansas Chapter of the Blacksmith Organization of Arkansas (CACBOA) met at the forge of Dale Custer in West Little Rock. We had nine members in attendance, plus our hard-working intern and two guests.

In the morning, Dale trapped a couple members into helping him assemble his latest purchase, a metal-cutting band saw. Very nice!. Robert Thompson worked off some pre-wedding jitters making a leaf key ring for a relative. Best wishes on your upcoming marriage, brother! Our intern, Julio Castillo, got lots of constructive advice as he finished up a no-weld bending fork for his beautiful little farrier’s anvil. Most of us, if we were going to purchase a new anvil, would have gone for a London pattern, or such, but Julio has a straight-up farrier’s anvil. However, Julio graduates from UCA this summer and has been accepted into Louisiana State University veterinary school. He may well be using that anvil professionally before we know it.

At noon Dale handed out more business cards and we exchanged trade items—a top set tool. Dale also passed around a book on the life of Francis Whitaker by George Dixon that is definitely going on my “want” list. Unfortunately, Dale says that the planned all-BOA conference for this summer is no longer going to happen.

I had to leave after lunch (Dawn’s chili—yum), but I’m sure those who stayed had a great time free-forging that afternoon.

Robert Fox, CACBOA Secretary



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