September 2014 Northwest Chapter BOA Meeting

Thanks to Bryan Parsons for hosting the meeting at the Tired Iron tractor show at Gentry. The rain wasn’t too bad for folks to be out and about. The blacksmith building is a nice dry place, so those working and those watching were all comfortable.

Ron Wells always counts those present and e-mails me. He said there were 19 present with one being our newest member, John Gee. Ron also told me that we’ll be setting up at both Rusty wheels, just south of Harrison, and Harvest Homecoming, which is on the square in Harrison. Ron will see that things go right since Dale won’t be in Harrison until the day of the events.

Dale Custer is now interim president and conducted the meeting. He may be conducting more meetings since I nominated him for that office once more. The nomination got a second and a bunch of ayes. Cheryl Miskell will be on the ballot for secretary for our northern bunch. Everyone thought that would be fine and there were more ayes. There were several names mentioned for vice president. They were Hardy Todd, Tom Bates and Luke Roberts. Be sure to use the ballots which will be in the newsletter, otherwise we may have a bunch of troglodytes running things for the next year.

We talked more about the iron smelt which sounds very interesting to me.

I think James Brantley has agreed to build a toolbox for us to fill with tools for another raffle like we had last year. It should be a handsome box since James is a fine woodworker.

I hope to see you at the next meetings!


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