September 2014 Northeast Chapter BOA Meeting

The meeting was held as scheduled on Saturday, Sept. 13, 2014, from 8 am to noon. Those in attendance were Glenn Owen, Dusty Elliot, Eddie Mullins, Adrian Hancock and Jim Soehlman.

Eddie Mullins was elected as our new chapter steward and Jim Soehlman was elected as secretary.
Adrian brought a collection of knives that he has made and forged some on a knife that had been started at a previous meeting.

Eddie brought his very nice looking trade “S” hook. Dusty and Glenn made hooks at the meeting for trade.

We discussed twists and how to duplicate the same twist and reversing twist using a “jig”. I think we were all looking forward to seeing this “jig” become a reality. Glenn and Adrian working together made a nice looking reversing twist that lead us into this discussion.



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