November 2014 Northwest Chapter BOA Meeting

The Northwest Area BOA November meeting was hosted by Sonny and Judi Sartwell. We enjoyed a fine day of forging in the Sartwells’ nicely accoutered shop. The day started out brisk, but was warm and sunny for most of the late morning and early afternoon. Judi and Sonny served up a fabulous lunch of beans, rice and cornbread, with gooey, yummy gluten-free brownies for dessert.

BOA members in attendance at this November 8 meeting included Dale Custer, Bob Lock, Jimmy Owen, Tom Bates, Steve Low, Samuel Bollman, Ken Sartwell, Judi Sartwell, Cheryl Miskell, Ervin Potter, Harold Enlow, Clyde Foster, and Hardy Todd.

Dale Custer called the meeting to order after lunch, first welcoming our newest member, Samuel Bollman.

Dale announced the date for processing the iron ore, December 27, the Saturday after Christmas at his shop. The smelt will take place on January 21st though the 24th at the Eureka Springs School of the Arts (ESSA). The Director of ESSA is checking on lodging options.

Our printer is up and in operation. Robert Fox should be able to get hard copies to the post office on the Monday following the deadline. (Please submit items for the newsletter!)

Central Chapter did a demonstration in Conway last Saturday, November 1st. Central Chapter “sold” some pieces to the museum director, and signed on two new members.

New Business:

T-shirts are back on track. We now have 3X, 4X and talls. Hats are available, too. If you want a blue collared shirt with our logo, you will need to provide the shirt.

Sam Hibbs has said we can get signs on the trailer for $80. Bob Lock made a motion to get the signs, and Tom Bates seconded. All present voted aye, so we’ll be getting the signs.

New sandwich board signs were discussed next. All present voted aye for getting additional sandwich board signs.

Since we have almost ran out of business cards, Dale suggested that we get new ones to hand out. He recommended that the names of officers be replaced with the permanent email address of the president and the web site. This netted unanimous ayes.

Bob made a motion to purchase two trailer-rated tires (since there was a blow-out on the trailer on its way to this meeting). New tires should be ten-ply, at least. Sonny and Judi volunteered to get the tires and bring the trailer to the December meeting.

Tragically, Ron Wells’ son has passed. Bob made a motion to send a spray of flowers to the Memorial Service in Little Rock. Dale agreed to make sure this happens.

Bob is doing a raffle on an 80# anvil, for $10 per ticket. Any profit from the raffle goes to BOA.
Hardy moved that the meeting be adjourned.


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