August 2014 Northeast Chapter BOA Meeting

We had an awesome day for forging. The temperatures was in the 80’s and we had a nice breeze through the shop most of the day.

We had 8 members in attendance. Dusty Elliot, Jon Kriebel, Eddie Mullins, Dan Davis, Rebecca Soehlman, Jim Soehlman, Glenn Owen AND JUDY OWEN, Glenn’s new wife! Congrats to the newlyweds!!! They make a great couple. And this is the good news.

We do have some news in the chapter that we’re all saddened by… Glenn and Judy will be moving to South Carolina in the near future. We are all going to miss them more than mere words can express.
We had a very good business meeting led by Glenn as to how to move forward in his absence. We are planning to get some signs for directions to our meetings and we identified 4 different public locations that we felt would be good to demonstrate in. We are also going to print some flyers and leave in different locations to announce meetings. We discussed when guests attend to help them make something that they can take home with them. I remember Bob Patrick helping make my first “S” hook that “HOOKED” me. Thanks, Bob.

Dan is involved in helping a small Catholic church / cemetery somewhere in Missouri put metal crosses back on graves that vandals stole. We’re proud of you, Dan. Community involvement opportunities would be a good way to promote our organization. We’ll watch for those opportunities.

OK, let’s go to the forge. We are doing a trade item next meeting. An “S” hook, imagine that… The meeting for September 13th is at Jim’s shop. We are looking at others hosting also.

Eddie finished reworking some tongs that were started last meeting. Dan and Eddie teamed up on a knife, nice job. It also serves as a striker for flint. Jon was doing some copper-smithing and making some nice looking copper bracelets. Dusty was showing off her new forge that she acquired in Illinois.

The shop is really taking shape… Hooks were added to the forge to hang the shovel, rake, and sprinkle can. The forge now has a nice material support. Still only have one forge in operation but the next one now has a functioning duck’s nest. The exhaust hood is in operation (does good after initial fire up).

Did I mention that Dusty made the buy of the century ( a small forge with a lever-action blower and a hood! ) … and I was drooling for it. We can’t find any name or numbers on it, so if any readers out there have some thoughts as to manufacture, how old it is, etc, please let us know.

Our pot luck meal (always good) was exceptional, lasagna, salad and melon pie.
We welcome visits from other chapters.


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