August 2014 Central Chapter BOA Meeting

The August meeting of the Central Arkansas Chapter of the Blacksmith Organization of Arkansas (CACBOA) met in Pine Bluff at the well-equipped forge of Herman Ginger (who is not a dentist).

Herman had a variety of individual and group activities for us.

Shane Driskel used Herman’s industrial mill to put a factory-flat surface on his recently acquired Peter Wright anvil. The anvil had a lot of shallow pitting and wear, which Shane was able to remove without taking away a great deal of metal from the surface.

Tim Huddleston gave me some lessons on the use of a MIG welder and acetylene torch, and helped me put together a new stand for my gas forge. I’m thinking that setting a 2000 degree furnace on top of a dried out block of wood might not be the wisest course.

Garrett Sheeks led a demonstration of forge welding for those who missed it last month or desired more practice, and Robert Carroll produced a very nice rubik’s twist.

There were even people on Herman’s power hammer. I tell you, no one was standing idle at Herman’s. We even had a visitor drop by, a friend of Herman’s, and we put him to work cranking the blower on the forge!

Dale Custer, our chapter steward, was lucky enough to be attending the ABANA conference on the day we met, so we tried to manage a business meeting without him. We discussed the election of officers in October, and discussed the ore smelt BOA is trying to pull together for later this year. Dale had been sending our group various texts and emails from the national conference, especially in regard to his participation in Lee Sauder’s ore smelt. We are hoping to hear more details about that in the VOICE next month.

As usual, the only thing that could tear us away from Suzanne’s table was more fun back in Herman’s shop.

Our trade item this month was a tomahawk made from a railroad spike, one of the most ambitious projects yet for our chapter. I was very pleased to see four beautiful examples. It is clear that our capabilities and confidence are growing steadily.

Dale may have had a lot of fun at ABANA , but Herman’s shop was the next best thing!


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