October 2014 Northwest Meeting


October, 2014

Our meeting was at Rusty Wheels Tractor and Small Engine Show which is just south of Harrison.  It was a drizzly day, but quite a few members showed up.  There weren’t many normal citizens that braved the muddy turf, however.  Several younger and newer members worked at the club forge and did some nice projects and learned a few tricks of the trade, as well.

Ron Wells said that sales were pretty good at the Harvest Home Coming show on the square in Harrison, last weekend.  That depleted our stock of handmade items,  which means that we need to replenish them when we get the time.

Our newly elected president, Dale Custer, said he has ordered the new printer for our editor, Robert Fox, and that should make his life a lot easier.

The iron smelt we have been planning will be held in Eureka Springs, at the School of Arts.  It will probably take about 3 days.  Actual dates have not been set.

We have two fellows who have re-joined the club. They are Dave Snyder and Tim Shower. We also had two new members join at Rusty Wheels; .  Ross Wilkinson and Elmer Polston. We also had two guests who spent the day keeping each other warm. They are Dawn Mulkern and Ringo Patrick. Dawn is Dale Custer’s friend and Ringo is Bob Patrick’s dog.

The November 8, meeting is at Judi and Sonny Sartwell’s in Springdale, with the trade item to be announced.  Clyde Foster will host the December 13, meeting in Huntsville,  and the trade item is a pair of tongs.  The January 10, meeting will be in Eureka Springs at Stosh Japczyk’s forge, trade item to be announced.  The February 10, meeting is at Richard and Carol Ross’ forge with the trade item to be announced at a later date.

Our new officers are, Dale Custer, President, Ron Wells, treasurer, and Hardy Todd as vice president.



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