July 2014 Northwest BOA Meeting


July 12, 2014

 Thanks to Rob and Jean Meuser for hosting this meeting.  We were under the shade trees in the yard with two forges going.  Rob cooked hotdogs over a wood fire which we enjoyed.

 Ron said there were 15 members present plus a friend of Rob’s who was one of the many Bobs that were there.  Richard and Carol Ross had their granddaughter, Corie, with them.  A couple of guys had their wives along .  With our family plan membership I guess the wives and Corie were members as well.

 Dale Custer did a good job holding the meeting after lunch.  Most interesting to me was talk about making our own metal from rocks which contain iron.  Dale had some pieces of the rock with him which were found at the location near Hot Springs.  The rock is called magnetite.

 Bob Partee was present and demonstrated making a hoof pick from part of an old horse shoe.  The handle has a horse’s head on it.  Bob is a former member from back in 1639 AD.   He has renewed his membership.  Whoops, I actually put my birth year in there.  Sorry, Bob.

 The August 9th meeting is planned for the Ozark Folk Center at Mountain View.  The trade item is a dinner bell.  I’m guessing that would be one of those old triangular jobbies.  Linda and Keith Heffelfinger live at Timbo, which is near Mountain View, and they promised to pay the Folk Center a visit to talk over the details.

 Bob Lock said that The Wonders of Wildlife camp for kids needs a couple of volunteers to teach blacksmithing.  He, Ron Wells, and Drew Janes have been doing this for 2 years and need a break.  Call Bob for the details, if interested.

 Richard and Carol Ross said they will host the February meeting.  Clyde Foster said he would host the December meeting.

 I hope you all will enjoy the August meeting.  I have to work so can’t be there in August. 


June Meeting of Northwest Chapter of BOA

Blacksmiths of Arkansas

June 14, 2014


We had a good meeting at Rusty Wheels with 3 forges going.  Ron said 28 members attended, and we had some visitors, as well.  Bob Patrick had Colt Middleton along.  James Brantley brought his grandson, Jacob.  Cheryl Miskell attended and tried her hand at forging.  She made a couple of things and must have liked it because she is now our newest member.  Welcome to the club, Cheryl. 

Our new newsletter editor,  Robert Fox, attended along with Tim Huddleston and our buddy Dale Custer.  I enjoyed meeting Robert and Tim as everyone else did.  

We haven’t seen Philicia McUmber for awhile.  She was at the meeting with her daughters.  We were happy to see them again and Philicia did a great job selling our donated items. 

Ron told me that we made $225.00, and that’s not counting coal. 

The July meeting will be at the forge of Rob Meuser on the 12th.  That is in Mountain Home.  His choice of a trade item is a lawn ornament.                                                                    

 Justin, our president, said things are looking good for the August meeting to be held at the Ozark Folk Center, which is at Mountain View.  That should be a nice outing! 

Hope to see everyone at the July meeting!


Clay Spencer Suffers Heart Attack

Email from Bob Patrick:

Hi Dale.  You might get this on the web site and out to the group.  Some will know Clay, many not, but he is one of the most important people in the modern blacksmithing movement.  I’ve known him since the late 70’s or early 80’s.  A long time.  Maybe middle 70’s.  Anyhow.  I hope and pray he has a great surgeon and a speedy recovery.  In addition to blacksmithing Clay was a big part of the Space Program.  He was also a champion whitewater kayaker in his younger days, and though he has had some health problems in more recent years he is a tough man.  He headed the blacksmithing program at John C. Campbell Folk School for many years and had done workshops on a number of subjects all over North America. And, of course, he was on the ABANA Board for many years.
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I am not sure if you are on the distribution list.  Clay Spencer has suffered a heart attack and is currently in surgery.

Bill Kendrick
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Hi Everyone,

11am Wed 7/2

Just spoke to Clay’s wife Jackie. She says surgery started a little late, he may be in there a couple more hours.

Last night they were saying maybe a double bypass but nothing definite till today.

Jackie would like everything to come through Allan or me to update everyone else. Too many calls are hard on her but she appreciates you all being concerned.

She will call me when they know something and I will let you know via email.

Clay has limited capacity for up to 5 days after surgery so probably no visitors. Plan your visits for next week and beyond.

Email Clay and let him know you are thinking of him. He will get emails in a day or two (when the drugs wear off).


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Please see latest news below. –Ron

From: Allison Bohorfoush
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Surgery is moved to 5am tomorrow. On our way to see him now.

On Jul 1, 2014, at 5:42 PM, “Sandra &/or Ron Nichols” <snichols@united.net> wrote:

Hi to All,

Clay called me late yesterday afternoon to say he’d had a heart attack over the weekend.  He is fine right now, in Huntsville Hospital, Room #1649.  I understand he will undergo open heart surgery after the Fourth Holiday.  Y’all might already know this but I just wanted to share.

Ron Nichols