June Meeting of Northwest Chapter of BOA

Blacksmiths of Arkansas

June 14, 2014


We had a good meeting at Rusty Wheels with 3 forges going.  Ron said 28 members attended, and we had some visitors, as well.  Bob Patrick had Colt Middleton along.  James Brantley brought his grandson, Jacob.  Cheryl Miskell attended and tried her hand at forging.  She made a couple of things and must have liked it because she is now our newest member.  Welcome to the club, Cheryl. 

Our new newsletter editor,  Robert Fox, attended along with Tim Huddleston and our buddy Dale Custer.  I enjoyed meeting Robert and Tim as everyone else did.  

We haven’t seen Philicia McUmber for awhile.  She was at the meeting with her daughters.  We were happy to see them again and Philicia did a great job selling our donated items. 

Ron told me that we made $225.00, and that’s not counting coal. 

The July meeting will be at the forge of Rob Meuser on the 12th.  That is in Mountain Home.  His choice of a trade item is a lawn ornament.                                                                    

 Justin, our president, said things are looking good for the August meeting to be held at the Ozark Folk Center, which is at Mountain View.  That should be a nice outing! 

Hope to see everyone at the July meeting!



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