Dale Custer Wins the Jack Smith Award

Blacksmith Organization of Arkansas
Presentation by Ron Wells to Dale Custer on March 8, 2014.

The Jack Smith Award was conceived by Bob Patrick and approved by the BOA membership to recognize members of BOA for their contribution to the organization.  Members Bob Patrick, Tom Upton, David Egan, Harold Enlow, and James Brantley designed and executed the award.  The award is called The Jack Smith Award in honor of Jack Smith for his extraordinary contributions to BOA.

Each recipient will keep the award for one year, each year beginning with the February meeting.  Each year’s recipient will be selected by the previous year’s recipient.  The award will be presented to the new recipient by the previous year’s recipient.

This year’s recipient has a long list of contributions to BOA.  He very seldom misses a meeting and travels a long distance to the meetings.  He was instrumental in organizing the new chapters of BOA and serves as Steward of the Little Rock Chapter.  He thus attends and is active in two meetings each month.  He attends the ABANA Conference every other year.  He handles the coal for the Little Rock Chapter.  He has set up BOA’s web site and nonprofit status.  He currently serves as chapter steward, BOA ABANA liaison, BOA vice president, and BOA board member.

Harold, as a previous recipient, will you help me present the Jack Smith Award to this year’s recipient, Dale Custer.

Dale Custer, Trying Not To Blush

Dale Custer with the Jack Smith Award



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