March 2014 Northwest BOA Meeting


March 8, 2014

Thanks to Ed and Susan Osoris for hosting the meeting and serving a great lunch.  Ed’s shop was very easy to find and had all kinds of metal parts and scraps laying around which is a blacksmith’s dream.  Ed had a forge up and running for our use.  It looked a lot better than the two portables that were brought along by members.  There was a lot of hammering going on throughout the day.It doesn’t take much to make a bunch of guys happy.

The midday meeting didn’t take a very long time but it was interesting.  Ron Wells handed over the Jack Smith award to Dale Custer who deserved it.  Dale was speechless.  The award is pretty heavy.  Dale will have to reinforce a wall to hang it up.

President, Justin, is still working on getting a hammer head making class together.  There was also talk about a class on how to build your own power hammer.  Each student would go home with his own hammer.

There were several folks visiting.  Ron Shierry was once a member and lives nearby.  It was good to see him.  Eric Willis visited and joined while he was there.  His infant son, Hayden, was along too.  Jerry Holmes visited and just happened to join, also.  Jerry had his grandson along who watched Jerry at the forge most of the day.  Jerry already makes knives.

Bryan Parsons handed out some information about next month’s meeting at Gentry.  It is held at the tractor show which is April 18, 19, and 20th.  Our meeting is on the 19th but you may attend any of those days if you like.  Hours are 8 to 5 on Friday and Saturday and 8 to 3 on Sunday.

Ron told me there were 22 members attending.



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