February 2014 Meeting Notes – Northwest Chapter


February 8th, 2014

This month’s meeting was at Richard Ross’ ‘Elbow Holler Forge’ in Flippin. We had a great turnout, especially considering the weather we’ve been having lately.

We had a few new members attending this meeting. Danny Blankenship was able to join us, after meeting several of us at James’ shop back in December. Also, John and his son Eoin May both attended for the first time, and placed memberships with us. Eoin spent a good deal of time with Hardy at the forge.

This month’s trade item was a pair of tongs. There were several comments made that this was one of the best trade item month’s we’ve had. Every pair of tongs looked great. Bringing a trade item each month is one of the best parts of BOA meetings, and a great way to learn and share your process with other members. Once you see some of the collections of trade items owned by some of our long time members, it really makes you want to be a part of the monthly tradition.

At our business meeting, I was able to provide a few updates on upcoming events. I brought a rounding hammer made by Nathan Robertson, who will be teaching two classes for us the last Saturday and Sunday in April – the 26th and 27th. The first day will be a hand hammer class, which will cost around $75-80, and the second day will be a sledge hammer class, which will cost $100. You don’t have to attend both days, but you do have to attend the hand hammer class in order to take the sledge hammer class. More details on this to come, including a location for the class. You will leave the class with a finished hammer, and the cost of the class is lower than the selling price of many of Nathan’s hammers, so it is a bargain!

Also, I was able to get in touch with the Ozark Folk Center in Mountain View. We do plan to have a meeting there later this year. I’m following up on questions related to possible costs to members or their families related to meeting there.

Joe Doster returned the medical kit to me. I plan to take it to future meetings either myself, or in the BOA trailer.

Richard Ross expressed an interest in a 100+lbs tire hammer class, hopefully we can pull together a class if there is enough commitment to it. I was committed to the class until Richard hid my new hammer from me after lunch, and waited until I was good and red faced before giving it back to me. He has now lost any support from me in the future. Ha!

One last note on Harold’s drawing in the last newsletter. My feelings on it… if someone as talented as Harold wants to draw your picture, you let them! And if they draw you with an exceptionally creepy smile, you just live with it. My wife’s only comment was, “Couldn’t he draw me just a little prettier?”

Justin Jones
BOA President