January Meeting Notes – Northwest Chapter


January, 2014

Our meeting went well and quite a few members attended.  The weather was pretty decent compared to what we’ve been having.  The day cured some cabin fever that many of us had.  We managed to avoid starving.  Some went out for lunch, some brought it along and some weren’t even hungry.  It all worked out.

Our editor, Mike, once worked in the 1890 Village, and answered any questions we had.
The forge didn’t work as well as expected but got us by.  When we return to the village we can always bring the club’s forge if we put some wheels on it.

Justin is still working on a hammer making class which could make if he gets about 4 more folks.  It will require 10 students with the cost being 100 dollars per student.

Most of the day we were wondering if Ron Wells, the coal meister, would make it to the meeting in his loaner truck with 5,000 pounds of coal on his trailer.  He made it and sales were brisk. Dale Custer was there and he had more contests.  Sam Hibbs won the first one which was twisting.  It wasn’t the dance.  It was for newer members.  It won him a $15.00 gift certificate from Harbor Freight.  Richard Ross won the second which was for long time members.  They had to make a leaf.  He also got one of the gift certificates. I think they liked the prizes.

Our meeting for February 8, has been changed to Richard Ross’ forge which is in Rea valley.  The trade item is still a pair of tongs of your choice.  Someone suggested that we put a tiny heart somewhere on the tongs since it will be February.

Justin is still working on information for the March meeting.