CACBOA November 2013 Meeting

November’s Central Arkansas Chapter of the Blacksmiths of Arkansas (CACBOA) meeting was held Saturday, November 16th, 2013 at the forge of Herman Ginger, in Pine Bluff, Arkansas. We were glad to have BOA Treasurer Ron Wells join us all the way from the Northwest Chapter. Ron didn’t complain about the drive, but did mention that the main chapter has discussed getting some aluminum “sandwich” signs made, one for each chapter, to help identify the meeting locations.
Ron explained the changes in leadership due to the resignation of the BOA President. Based on the BOA bylaws, this resulted in Vice President Justin Jones becoming the new President and the Board of Trustees appointing Dale Custer, our own CACBOA Steward, as the new BOA Vice President. Due to the growth of the Northeast and Central chapters of BOA, the board also voted to add the stewards of those chapters to the Board. That makes Dale the CACBOA Steward, the BOA ABANA representative, the BOA webmaster, the BOA Vice President, and a member of the BOA Board of Trustees. Congratulations, Dale! Have you considered quitting that day job and just going full time on this?
We discussed the ABANA conference next year, and at least two of our members plan to attend. Dale, our ABANA representative, and Robert Fox, who hopes to locate an anvil upgrade and a post drill in the tailgate sale.
Dale and Ron also reported that James Brantley won the toolbox raffle. Congrats, James. The members discussed the raffle, and suggested we do it again in 2014, suggesting also that we hold a consolidated meeting of all the chapters in the fall and announce the winner there. Maybe at the annual Harrison event?

Rivet Forge Repair

Rivet Forge Repair

Herman's Treasure Chest

Herman’s Treasure Chest

CACBOA member Herman Ginger acquired a toolbox of his own with the purchase of an old rivet forge. The forge had been abandoned for so long that two of the legs were actually embedded in a tree. After agreeing on a price for the forge, the owner asked if Herman wanted “the rest of the stuff.” The rest of the stuff turned out to be a box full of tongs, hardy tools, hammers and top swages.
CACBOA Travel Anvil and Stand

CACBOA Travel Anvil and Stand

At the forge the members fabricated a stand for the 80 pound travel anvil Dale picked up. Dale isn’t giving it to BOA, but is making it freely available to the members for meetings and events. This was an unusual meeting in that the focus was more on welding than on forging. Herman has a very nice wire welding rig, and every member got personal instruction, plenty of practice, and got to weld up part of the anvil stand.
The CACBOA members voted to have a Christmas party during the December meeting, starting at 3:00 pm. Bring a dish, a spouse, and a wrapped forged item for a gift exchange. Herman volunteered his home again.
The January CACBOA meeting will be held at the UALR Applied Arts building, January 18th from 9:00am-3:00pm. We always like to meet at their facilities, but especially appreciate them when the weather is extremely cold or hot. They have multiple forges and anvils, as well as professional instructors. Please feel free to join us, no matter what Chapter you belong to. The UALR Applied Arts facility is at the corner of Asher and University in Little Rock, next to “Big Lots,” and a few doors down from “Harbor Freight.”