CACBOA September 2013 Meeting

September 2013 CACBOA meeting
September 21st
at the forge of Herman Ginger
Pine Bluff, Arkansas.

Minutes of the meeting:

At the Forge:
• We began with a look at Herman’s gas forge, a three-burner, forced-air model.
• We also had a demo of Herman’s shop-built power hammer and pneumatic press.
• Herman showed us the fully function, small-scale steam locomotive he built.  The engine alone weighs about 450 pounds.
• We then helped Herman mount a post vice to a large block of wood, machining a metal plate for the foot with his metal lathe.
• Finally, we took apart a small rivet forge and blower Herman had just acquired, cleaned it out, put it back together, and fired it up.
• The trade item was “something made from a railroad spike.”   Entries include a steak turner and a snake.
• Herman’s wife put on a huge spread of really good food, enough to feed all the blacksmiths in Arkansas.
• After lunch, Herman demonstrated a “hit and miss” engine he has rebuilt.
• Herman also showed us a tuyure (firepot) he has built as the beginning of a more substantial coal forge.
• Using Richard Postman’s excellent book, “Anvils in America,” we dated Herman’s Peter Wright anvil to between 1852 and 1860.  It has the stepped foot that they began using in 1852, but does not have the “Solid Wrought” stamp that they added in 1860.
Business meeting:
• Old Business
o The tool box raffle will be held in October.  Last chance to buy tickets.
o Dale has purchased a first aid kit for our BOA chapter, based on last month’s recommendation.
o Dale has also purchased a small anvil, which he will loan to the club for meetings and demonstrations.
• New Business
o October 4th-6th – BOA members will be demonstrating at the Harvest Homecoming festival in the town square in Harrison, Arkansas.  BOA members are encouraged to donate hand-forged items to be sold at the event to raise money for BOA.
o October 10th – the Northwest chapter of BOA will be meeting at the Rusty Wheels Forge in Harrison. 
o October 19th – The CACBOA October meeting will (hopefully) be held at UALR again.  Trade item is a 1” hardy tool.
o November 16th – The CACBOA November meeting will be back at Herman Ginger’s shop. Among other things, we will be taking advantage of Herman’s shop to fabricate a portable stand for Dale’s small anvil.