Report of September Meeting

Report of the September 7, 2013 Meeting—Submitted by Ron Wells

The September 7, 2013, meeting of BOA was held at Gentry, AR, at the shop on the grounds of the Tired Iron Show.  Thanks to Bryan Parsons for hosting the meeting.  We had around 10 members in attendance.  Bryan, Hardy Todd, Ron Wells, Steve Low, and Dale Custer were present and demonstrated on Friday as well.  Bryan was the only one to do a trade item.  No, he didn’t put his name in a hat to be drawn.  He did, however, take his own trade item home and now has a nice miniature anvil paperweight for his desk.

Saturday was a beautiful day (Often we have rain at this show.), even though it did get rather warm toward the middle of the day.  We raised an even $100 on the sale of forged items for our treasury.  Several visitors worked at the forges assisted by our members, and everyone had a good time.  Speaking of forged items, our inventory is getting low, so bring in new items for October.

After lunch, as the highest ranking officer, Ron called the business meeting to order.  Bryan was thanked, visitors were introduced, and a number of items were discussed.

Dale reported that we are now a Non Profit Corporation with the State of Arkansas at a filing fee of $45.  After discussion on our federal status, a decision was made to bring up the discussion again at a later meeting when more members are present.

Dale also reported that we now have a web site domain name with at a cost of $121.70 for 10 years.  A web site at the domain of is in the works.  Information about our organization can still be found at the experimental web site at or by a google search.  BOA thanks Dale for his diligent work on these items.

BOA future activities were discussed.

Harvest Homecoming on the Square at Harrison is on October 4 – 6, 2013.  We have done this show for several years and hope to see many of our members helping out again this year.  Bring forged items to sell.

Bob Lock and Ron will be giving a class October 12, 2013 at Eagle Rock Family Campground near Golden, MO.  This is the second year for this class.  It was very successful last year, and Bob and Ron would like to have a couple more of our members to help.  Some expenses are offered.

Bryan shared that we have been invited to demonstrate at Spanker Creek Farm Fair near Bentonville on October 16 – 20, 2013.  Drew Janes has indicated an interest in doing this, but he would like to have some help from some of our members in the area.

Our regular October meeting is at the Rusty Wheels Show in Harrison on October 19th.  Bring forged items to sell.  The Tool Box winning ticket will be drawn.  We raised a total of $421.

We need a host for the November meeting.  Here is an opportunity to have a meeting in the Northwest part of the State.

The meeting was adjourned and the anvils began to ring again.